Whale Of A Plane: Airbus BelugaXL Makes First Flight | Global Avionics
Whale Of A Plane: Airbus BelugaXL Makes First Flight | Global Avionics

Whale Of A Plane: Airbus BelugaXL Makes First Flight | Global Avionics

Beluga Whale: Neither a bird nor a plane, it’s a whale, says Airbus as its long-awaited BelugaXL took its first operational flight. The beluga-inspired eyes and an optimistic smile in the BelugaXL paint job, says the aircraft company. The Beluga XL, as big as a whale, is a large transport aircraft remember for its capabilities of Carrying power with Airbus A300-600 airliner speed and performance. It offers fast production transport times and the wide main cargo deck minimises the need for load collapse, crating and processing. The aircraft started operating on 9 January 2020 with Airbus Transport to replace the Airbus Beluga while transferring.

over-sized aircraft parts, such as airwaves. Airbus’ work is over five years on the project and will now eventually substitute six new BelugaXL aircraft for its current BelugaST fleet.

Airbus BelugaXL Makes First Flight

On 19 July 2018, the Beluga XL took first flight and was certified as a form on 13 November 2019. This whale flew through Southern France and spread across the coast and the mountains. Although, after completing successfully the first 4-hour 11-minute flight at 14:41 local time, the 1-5-BelugaXL aircraft landed in Toulouse-Blagnac, France.

With a total weight of 227 tonnes, the jet is able to take off. It is 30% bigger than Beluga, so two A350 wings can be borne at a time instead of only one. The BelugaXL is based on the A330 aircraft, with the major fuselage and empennage structural improvements. Also, the first aircrew has crew members of 2 pilots: Captain Christophe Cail and First Officer Bernardo Saez-Benito Hernandez, 3 engineers, flight test engineer Jean Michels Pin, Phillippe Foucault and Laurent Lapierre.

TESTS and Approvals of Beluga Whale

BelugaXL is designed to re-use current Airbus’ A330 wide-body components and equipment. It is powered by 700 motors from Rolls-Royce Trent. The latest cargo jet A330 is modernise by Airbus to make the BelugaXL. Hence, the flight deck is reducing, an immense loading bay adds on the fuselage and the aircraft’s rear and back section have been changing to give it its unusual form. The BelugaXL has more than 200 test flights completed and will now supplement current methods of Airbus road, rail and sea transport.

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