Unsuccessful missions by ISRO in 90s | ISRO Aerospace
Unsuccessful missions by ISRO in 90s | ISRO Aerospace

Unsuccessful missions by ISRO in 90s | ISRO Aerospace

Unsuccessful missions by ISRO in the 90s: Indian Space Research Organisation is the most legit government agency. It basically works to explore the space outside the earth. Currently, Kailasavadivoo Sivan is the chairperson of ISRO. However, the organisation has launched many satellites since its beginning and also execute many missions across the globe. Recently, The Mars Orbitor Mission was a great success by ISRO. But, on the other hand, Chandrayaan 2 lost the contact before with the transistors. Moreover, if IRSO celebrated their success then they also faced really bad days. Though ISRO wills to have each mission a successful one there are some Unsuccessful missions by ISRO which led them down. In this article, we will get to know about the unsuccessful missions by ISRO.

Rohini Technology Payload (RTP)

Rohini Technology Payload (RTP) | VAYU INDIA AVIATION

August 10, 1979:
RTP weighs a 35 kg experimental, 3W power handling stabilised spin satellite. On its maiden flight from SHAR Center on 10 August 1979. It was flown on the SLV-3 aircraft. The satellite included tools to track SLV-3, the Indian launch vehicles first flight a success. The satellite cannot, however, put in its orbit.



April 10, 1982:
INSAT-1A was an Indian satellite of communication. The launch of the satellite took place in 1982. Its operation was to maintain geo-stationarily at a longitude of 74 ° East. The satellite became unsuccessful in September 1983 following a number of setbacks and a seven-year mission lasting less than 18 months. Early during the satellite mission, a valve failure came into notice in its attitude control system which leads to the propellant in use by the satellite at a rate higher than the expectations.



March 24, 1987 & July 13, 1988
The SRSS is a series of satellites by the Indian Space Research Organization for the Rohini Satellites for performing astrophysics and Earth Remote Sensing as well as for the development of new and evolving application-oriented monitoring missions. The SRSS series is a series of satellites. The developmental flights of the expanded satellite launch vehicle became the payload of these spacecraft. The SROSS 1 & 2 wasn’t up to the orbit.

IRS – 1E


September 20, 1993
The PSLV-D1 was launched in September 1993. Also, it never touch in orbit an IRS-1E satellite deriving from an IRS-1A Engineering Platform featuring an Electro-Stereo Scanner under the development by the DLR, Germany and an IRS-I camera similar to the IRS-1A Platform. Due to launch vehicle issues, the mission was not realised. It was PSLV’s first evolution flight.



June 04, 1997:
INSAT-2D was launched on 4 June 1997.  The similarity of INSAT-2C, and after the power bus defects and related problems the satellite became inactive as from 4 October 1997. Therefore, the ARABSAT-1C, identical to INSAT-2DT, got its replacement by an in-orbit satellite.

In this article, we came to know about the 5 satellites which were the failures in the history of Indian Space Research organisation. The scientists work really hard to achieve such heights. But sometimes, things go wrong. But as an Indian, we know how to gain a positive attitude from our failures also. And therefore, this is the way our great scientists have always proven. In the next article, we will learn about the unsuccessful missions by ISRO in the 20s.

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