Top 5 Indian Airlines | Indian Avionics
Top 5 Indian Airlines | Indian Avionics

Top 5 Indian Airlines | Indian Avionics

Airlines are simply led to us as a company which supplies transportation of passengers and goods through the air. Most of these airlines use Aircraft and aeroplanes whereas some of them use helicopters to supply these facilities. These companies are together known as the airline’s industry, also known as the sub-sector of the aviation sector. Many of these companies combine into a partnership and may provide the same flights. The main motive of these airline companies is to provide the right service to the right customer. They ensure to provide their best, comfortable, affordable flights that people can purchase to travel all across the countries. Some of these are the top 5 Indian Airlines:


IndiGo is the finest, low cost and best of top 5 Indian Airlines. It is based in Gurugram, Haryana, India. IndiGo Foundations are as a private company by Rahul Bhatia of inter globe enterprises and Rakesh Gangwal in 2006. It is the largest airline in India by passengers travel and fleet size, with a 47.5% domestic market share as of now. It is the sixth-largest carrier in Asia with over 6.4 crore travel passengers. The airline operates 1,500 flights every day to 87 destinations – 24 international and 36 domestic. It has its primary hub at the Indira Gandhi International Airport. It is having 167 aircraft with the airline & has the largest fleet size in India among all private airline companies.  The company got its success and became the largest passenger carrier in 2012.

Air India/Air India Express

Air India is the oldest airline companies and is now spreading all over the country. It was founded in July 1930. It got its identity as Tata airlines. JRD Tata – also known as the father of aviation and one of the greatest industrialists led the foundation of this company. Its identity changes as Air India from Tata airlines after world war 2 and became a public limited organisation. The logo consists of a flying swan with the wheel of Konark inside it.


One of the famous airlines is Spicejet. Foundations in 1993 and renovations as “Modiluft”. The initial owner of Spicejet was the NRI group and later it got in the hand of “media king Kalanithi maran”. Ajay Singh and Bhupendra S. Kansagra are the founders of this association. Above all, the airline attained its first flight in May 2005. However, it has combined with Tripfactory for selling holiday collections in its policy.


Go air is one of the airlines with the finest budget. It is contributed by the Wadia group and got explored in 2005. Their main motive is to find uniqueness in their association and keep themselves updated with all the modern facilities so that they could maintain their place in the market. It is also coming up with a new premium service commonly refer as go business at a higher cost which is providing extra services including seats, greater legroom, free meals and more.

AirAsia India

In addition, The aviation market has come up with new companies, one of them is AirAsia India. Also, Bengaluru is the current holding base of this association. The model’s starting and establishment as already done inMarc2013. The 21 destinations are under control by AirAsia. Therefore, the Tata group has returned to the platform with a new first foreign aviation company almost after 60 years.

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