Top 10 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Boeing
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Top 10 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Boeing

Boeing’s Legacy is a century-old!!

Top 10 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Boeing: Ever wondered what makes Boeing, the greatest Aerospace giant, and also America’s largest exporter and manufacturer in Defence, commercial air vehicles, space and telecommunication sector? Well, in this article we will tell6 you the top 10 things you probably don’t know about Boeing.
Founded in 1916 by William Edward Boeing as ‘Pacific Airplane Company’. After which a year later became ‘Boeing Airplane Company’ and built its first  Biplane.

Boeing today has over 161,133 employees generating 7656 crores USD revenue(2019).

This 104 years old multinational corporation owns 13,000 patents in its name. It has invented many first-rate commercial air and space vehicles. With over 25,000 orders in its bag and more than 19,500 successful deliveries of commercial jet airliners. Boeing has impacted the aviation sector without a match. Boeing dedicated number ‘7’ in series for jet airliners.

Boeing’s “Queen of the skies”- B 747 & Dreamliner- B 777

One of the greatest technological advancements of the 20th century was this queen of the skies- B747, making headlines and creating history with its completion in just 16 months.

Built-in Boeing’s grandest Everett factory by, hence, ‘The Incredible’s’- the original team that assembled B747, has few tops of the line advantage over any other jetliner today.

→B747’s latest development B747-8 is 225 feet tall, and this Intercontinental’s tail is equivalent to a six-storey building, and its wingspan can accommodate 25 cars.

With GEnx-2B 787 power pact engines, B747 also can travel the length of three FIFA fields in 1 second. B747 has immense payload capabilities, it is heavily used for cargo space vehicles. Also, it can transport 10,767 solid Gold Bars from Fort Knox- US Army Installation in Kentucky.

Boeing triples Seven Freighter or commonly known as Boeing 777 is, therefore, the most popular and commercially successful twin-aisle aeroplane. Also, its construction mainly to bridge the gap between 767 and B747 and to replace DC-10s and met market requirements as per the changing times.

→B777 with an average speed of 560MPH can make 13 round trips from Earth to Saturn. This gigantic machine is completely designed by the computer making it the first fly-by-wire aircraft.

→B777’s engine pushes roughly 2 million cubic feet of air per minute. That mush air can help a human breathe for 44 days. Also, its update B777-300ER is the worlds most powerful jet engine aeroplane.

10 Facts About Boeing
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Boeing 777

Boeing constant Innovation is adding Breakthrough’s in Aviation

Boeing’s constant effort to ensure sustainable fuel usage for reducing pollution has been making a mark in Biofuel initiatives. Therefore, according to the 2020 environmental report, Boeing’s new 777X is 15% to 25% more efficient in reducing carbon emissions. 90% of Boeing‘s parts are recyclable and reusable.

Boeing additive manufacturing- Although, It’s 3D Printing is helping the company to develop products with fewer raw material aiming to reduce waste.

Boeing is also partnering with the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration and other stakeholders to gain approval for a sustainable fuel called HEFA+, which is directly produced from agriculture waste. With the approval of this ‘Green-Diesel’, more than 1% of the global need for sustainable fuel will be met with.

The pioneers in telecommunication produce 70% of GPS satellites in the world today. Together with Lockheed Martin, their conjoint venture United Launch Alliance. It dedicates its creations to the cheapest launch platform helping NASA and the US govt directly.

Boeing’s CST-100 Starliner spacecraft– A 21st Century Space Capsule, in collaboration with NASA is the path breaker in leading Artemis Program that will take seven crew into Low-Earth orbit.

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