Top 10 Private Aircraft Manufacturers in the World | Global Avionics
Top 10 Private Aircraft Manufacturers in the World | Global Avionics

Top 10 Private Aircraft Manufacturers in the World | Global Avionics

Top 10 Private Aircraft Manufacturers in the world: Aircraft is the most important means of travel. Be it a world tour or any cargo transport, it is always in power. In the previous post, we got to know the Top 10 Commercial Aircrafts Manufacturers in the world. However, in this blog, I will tell you about those companies who design and create these aeroplanes and jets for the private users. So, let’s begin the search hunt.

Airbus Corporate Jets

Airbus Corporate Jets | Logo | Top 10 Private Aircraft Manufacturers in the world | Vayu India Aviation

Airbus Corporate Jets (ACJ) is an Airbus business unit manufacturing airliner corporation jets. It is one of the Top 10 Private Aircraft Manufacturers in the world. It is definitely based in Toulouse, France and constructs multiple single-aisle planes. In reality, ACJ distributes its products as the most advanced and comprehensive business jets in the world. They also have spacious and customizable cabins, which make it easy to choose a size which fits your requirements. ACJ customers are definitely eligible to join the worldwide service network of Airbus.

Boeing Business Jet

Boeing Business Jet | Logo | Top 10 Private Aircraft Manufacturers in the world | Vayu India Aviation

Building upon Boeing airliners, Boeing Business Jet (BBJ) mainly manufactures 737 series VIP company aircraft. BBJ jets usually offer large cabins, wide flying ranges and spacious seating for 25 to 50 passengers. These jets are, therefore, clearly extremely personalised for the industrial, private and government sectors and have good records of reliability. BBJ models will impressively have conference/dining areas, kitchens, washrooms and living areas with showers. Additional versions are 777, 787 and 747 variations. In the narrow-body and also in wide-body variants both BBJ manufactures 11 jet models.

Bombardier Business Aircraft (BBA)

Bombardier Business Jets | Logo | Top 10 Private Aircraft Manufacturers in the world | Vayu India Aviation

The Learjet, Challenger and Global family are part of BBA’s business jets portfolio. The Learjet 75 is a light business jet with new avionics, a compact motor and sunglasses. Strongly speaking, it is the first Learjet offering a privately run management suite, and the small dimensions allow passengers to fly comfortably and convenience. In reality, the smooth ride and running costs are minimised by the advanced wing design. The 350 and 650 models are available for the Challenger series. In fact, the 350 is in the super mid-size jet segment. The 350 was the industry leader in its category during the last decade. The 650 is a big executive jet with the biggest cab of its size, worldwide.


Beechcraft | Top 10 Private Aircraft Manufacturers in the world | Vayu India Aviation

Beechcraft, however was founded in 1932, as a subsidiary of Textron Aviation. Historically, after the latter went bankrupt, Textron purchased Beech Aircraft in 2013. Beechcraft now manufactures four private aircraft lines:

  • Bonanza Series: The Bonanza has been in continuous production since 1947, powered by a single-piston engine. In different configurations, Beechcraft built over 17.000 Bonanza aircraft, including V-tail versions. The Bonanza G36 provides 920 miles and can accommodate six people, which is impressively amazing.
  • Baron: first introduced in 1961 a twin-engine piston aircraft. The Baron G58 will fly 1,480 miles with room for eight.
  • King Air: a double-turboprop family of models consisting of 90, 100, 250 and 350i models.
  • T6 Texan II: A turboprop-trainer with one motor.


Cessna | Top 10 Private Aircraft Manufacturers in the world | Vayu India Aviation

Established in 1927, Cessna is also Textron’s division, currently producing three aircraft lines:

Citation: This line contains many versions, from starting stage M2 to the recently accepted Longitude. The Longitude is a stretched variant with a new wing and T-tail of another model, the Latitude. The Sovereign+ Citation also has twelve passengers and an overall length of 3,200 nautical miles.

Turboprop: Denali, Caravan, Grand Caravan EX and SkyCourier are Cessna’s single-engine turboprop variants. The Denali is a model that can fit up to 11 people. For up to 14 passengers, the caravan ensures robust stability and utility. Heavy payloads and up to 19 passengers can be handled by SkyCourier.

Piston: The Skyhawk is a complex cockpit trainer with glasses. Skylane is a favourite first new pilot aircraft with a 230-horsepower engine. Nonetheless, there are six people in the Turbo Stationair HD and two doors to the rear entrance.

Dassault Aviation

Dassault Aviation Logo | Top 10 Private Aircraft Manufacturers in the world | Vayu India Aviation

Dassault’s history, founded in Paris and founding in 1929, goes back to Marcel Dassault’s history. Specifically, military and civil aircraft are produced, the latter being Falcon, Breguet, Hirondelle and Communaute. Falcon is the primary commercial jet family, which dates back to 1965. About 18 million flight hours in 90 countries have amazingly accrued Falcon Aircraft.


Embraer | Vayu India Aviation

Four management jet families are provided by Embraer Executive Jets, a subsidiary of the Brazilian aircraft manufacturer Embraer:

Legacy: sells the 450-, 500- and 650E mid-size passenger aircraft. The 650E provides the largest cabin and best-in-class promise, even more impressively.
Praetor: 500-seater 9 passengers, 466 knots cruising speed and 3340 nautical miles radius. The 600 has the same cruising velocity but can handle 12 passengers, reaching 4018 nautical miles.
Lineage: In addition, 16 occupants can travel up to 4,600 nautical miles and attain a speed of 472 knots. Embraer installed 28 thousand by the end of 2018 and can purchase one for $50 million.
Phenom: The Phenom 100 is a light jet in service with over 350 units. It can handle up to seven passengers also an optional bathroom. The Phenom 300 is able to handle 11 people and travel in 1970.

Gulfstream Aerospace

Gulfstream Aerospace Logo | Vayu India Aviation

General Dynamics division is Gulfstream Aerospace. It has a register of 13 313 staff in Savannah, Georgia. Since 1958, it’s historically manufactured corporate jets. Therefore, in total, with the exception of the 10-passenger G280, all six Gulfstream Jets have up to 19 passengers. The Gulfstream G650ER with a length of 7,500 nautical miles is the top of the line build. It can house up to 4 living areas and can reach 0.925 Mach at high speeds. Also, this model provides high-quality features, including 100% ventilation, silent cabin and picture windows every two minutes.

Pilatus Business Aircraft

Pilatus Aircraft Logo | Vayu India Aviation
Cessna | Top 10 Private Aircraft Manufacturers in the world | Vayu India Aviation

Stans, Switzerland is the Pilatus Aircraft headquarters, hiring about 2000 staff. In addition to the fast start and finish (STOL) aircraft, it builds some small personal jets. The PC-24 also incorporates a medium-sized cabin for a reach of 2,000 nautical miles. In addition, 11 passengers are accommodated and can land just 2375 feet in length on runways. The PC-12 NG is, therefore, a common turbine driven aircraft with low production cost, single long-term and high-speed services. The PC-6 STOL and three instructors are other versions.


Hawker Logo | Vayu India Aviation

Hawker is a Textron Corp subsidiary which builds many corporate jets. The Hawker 4000 is a carbon-composite model with a room for 14 people. Hence, it has a standing area of six feet, with a maximum of 470 knots and a cruising speed of 3,445 nautical miles. Sadly, much of Hawker’s product line was cancelled by Textron in 2013.

Hence, here are the Top 10 Private Aircraft Manufacturers in the world. I will be back again with another interesting top 10 series.

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