Three More Rafale Jet Land in India From France | Indian Defence Avionics
Three More Rafale Jet Land in India From France | Indian Defence Avionics

Three More Rafale Jet Land in India From France | Indian Defence Avionics

Raising the strength and power of the Indian Air Force, therefore, 3 more Rafale jet reached India. Rafale arrived in India on Wednesday. In addition to the 8 Rafales of the fighter jet, these 3 rafales will uplift the power of the Indian Air Force. Also, these jets were flying continuously from France over 7000 km distance covered by the jets. The journey of Rafale jets started from France’s Istres Airbase while ended at an airbase in India. The air refuelling had done by UAE MRTT.


A RAFALE is an aircraft with a two-set engine. Dassault Association develops this aircraft. IT has an extremely powerful feature that made this aircraft different from other jets. These are as follows:

  • It proves to be useful in doing long and short-range missions.
  • It will be used to do tasks like ground and sea-attacks.
  • Further, helps in accomplishing the task like high-accuracy strikes and nuclear strike deterrence.
  • beneficial in performing various combat operations.
3 Rafales came in India

History of Rafale arrived in India

  • BATCH 1 that includes 5 Rafale jets reached India on 24 July 2020.
  • Therefore, nearly 4 years after India sealed a deal with France to produce and send 36 Rafale aircraft. The deal has been signed by 59,000 crores.
  • BATCH 2 includes 3 Rafale jets. These jets arrived on November 3.
  • Moreover, French Aerospace Dassault Aviation develops and designs these jet.
  • In addition to this, these are India, first important fighter planes that ever India had in the last 23 years.
  • The last powerful aircraft similar to RAFALE that India had is Sukhoi Jet. Sukhoi jets were imported from Russia.

Rafale Modern Features

The Rafale have the capability to carry a wide range of important weapons. In the addition, Meteor beyond air-air missile, Scalp cruise missile and MICA weapons that carried by the rafale. Therefore, The IAF is planning to procure an advanced air to the ground weapon system. these will joint hands with rafale jets.

Rafale Jets

WHAT IS Hammer?

HAMMER stands for a Highly Agile modular munition extended range. Hence, French Defence Major Saffron developed this missile. French Air Force and Navy used this missile for their benefits. Also, the two Rafale Jets are placed at the Ambala and Hasimala Air Base. these bases are located in Punjab and West Bengal.

Furthermore, these Rafale jets will be successful to protect our country from enemies like China. Those countries who have an evil eye will be destroyed hopefully.

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