Strength of Indian Air Force | Indian Defence Avionics
Strength of Indian Air Force | Indian Defence Avionics

Strength of Indian Air Force | Indian Defence Avionics

Indian Air Force is one of the most powerful air force in the world. There are many missions which became successful because of this phenomenal air force. There are no words, how to thank each and every officer of IAF who risk their lives in danger and safe the entire country from every mishappening. Though, I must say, everything is just because of the beautiful strength of Indian Air Force. The strength, the power everything lies within the best aircraft, fighter planes and charters of IAF. Also, in 2020 a new member is also added to the family, Rafale. Let’s discuss the best of the strength of the Indian Air Force today.

Today, the Indian Air Force ( IAF) is a growing, technology-intensive power which is known by its dedication to quality and expertise, finishing up the Platinum Jubilee of its national operation. The IAF aims to modernize phasically in line with today’s demands and is now one of the world’s leading military services as trustworthy air power.

The Modern IAF

The IAF grew through the years from a global military power to today. A smart solution follows through the introduction of Force Refueling Aircraft (FRA), Remote Piloted Aircraft (RPA) and strong great lifting power. The focus is on having the latest technologies by buying or forming aircraft, structures, missiles with quality or net loyalty. The following articles include the major drafts and additions by the Indian Air Force.

The process is done for increasing their operations and supporting their aircraft as a new weapon platform. the IAF has begun developing its fleet of fighting aircraft after recent years to tackle the pop-up security threats of our country. MiG-21 and Jaguar are now upgraded and Mirage-2000 as well as MiG-29 planes set to be rebuilt from the available fleet. In order to strengthen their overall capacity, the Indian Air Force plans to modernize its MLHs (Mi-8, Mi-17, Mi-17-IVs) as well as AN-32 transport aircraft.

Strength of IAF | IMG2

Step towards NEW

In another few years, more Su-30 MKI aircraft, Light Combat Aircraft (LCA), and the MMRCA will be induced by the force. The helicopter and transportation fleets will also rise. There are seven commands of the Indian Air Force, five of which are active and two functional:

  • Western Air Command, HQ, New Delhi
  • Eastern Air Command, HQ, Shillong
  • Central Air Command, HQ, Allahabad
  • Southern Air Command, HQ, Thiruvananthapuram
  • Maintenance Command, HQ, Nagpur
  • South-Western Air Command, HQ, Gandhi Nagar
  • Training Command, HQ, Bangalore


In recent years, the IAF helicopter fleet has grown rapidly in numbers from a few American types in the 1960s to more than 500 French, Indian and Soviet types. The unit is without question a powerful Mi-26 lift helicopter run in Northern India by No. 126 HU with outstanding performance. India has late built an aware choice in terms of the purchase of weapons systems to follow the native development course. The helicopter capacity can be best used because HAL is clearly has proven huge capacity generation in the successful design process of the ALH (Dhruv). The ALH fleet in IAF started to raise from the traditional ALH Mk-I, the state of the art ‘Glass’ cockpit, the ALH MK-II cockpit.

Strength of Indian  Air Force| IMG3

Aircrafts & Fleets

Though, Indian Air Force is the most powerful air force, hence IAF itself is proud of its powerful and trustworthy aircrafts. Therefore it is because of them only, that IAF never fails in any of its mission. Indian Air Force stands out in the warzone proudly because of successful pilots and the planes. Here are the list of the strength Indian Air Force.

  • AVRO
  • Cheetah
  • MI-17 V5
  • Chetak
  • Boeing 737-200
  • MI-26
  • MI-25/MI-35
  • Dornier
  • IL-76
  • C-17
  • AN-32
  • C-130J
  • Jaguar
  • MiG-29
  • MiG-21 BISON
  • MiG-27
  • SU-30 MKI
  • Mirage-2000

Another strength of Indian Air Force who got the entrance in the Indian Military Family is RAFALE. Many congratulations to RAFALE for being a part of this family. With you, we will win every single war. Another blog on RAFALE will be here soon.

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