Santiago Flight 513 | Global Avionics
Santiago Flight 513 | Global Avionics

Santiago Flight 513 | Global Avionics

Have you ever heard of any flight that took off to their destinations but never reached there? We know it’s quite shocking and unbelievable, but it happened. On 4 September 1954 Santiago Airlines left for Porto Alegre, Brazil from Aachen, West Germany but it never reached there. How shocking! Now there are so many questions that where was the airline, why it didn’t reach Brazil, What happened to the flight and so on. But this mystery has never been sort by anyone. ATC told that after 35 years that flight, Santiago 513 lands on the Porto Alegre Airport without giving any signals to the air traffic control department. It was a blood-chilling moment when everyone got to know that the flight was none other than the Santiago flight 513 which took off from Aachen, West Germany, for Porto Alegre, Brazil and never landed at the airport.

What happened to the flight?

There was nothing abnormal with the passengers, crew and the airline before it left for their destinations. Santiago Flight 513 took several flights across the Atlantic Ocean on an international basis close to the same day it was missing. But during the trip from Germany to Brazil, who knew that it was going to be their last trip and would never reach their destination. The flight disappeared from the Atlantic Ocean and the signals were lost. An emergency search was on a mission in which nothing caught so far. They had to forcefully believe that the airline crashed and the passengers had lost their lives in this dreadful case. After so much investigation and research, no evidence or proof was found to make people believe that it was a crash or something else.


The flight landed after 35 years

This might freeze your heart when the Santiago flight 513, which got disappear from the sky without any cause and never land in Brazil. On October 12th, 1985 it lands in the Porto Alegre airport with 92 skeletons. The authorities proclaimed that there was no communication with the missing airline which suddenly circled and appeared in the area and then landed. When the aeroplane got checked, after opening the doors they saw a shocking scenario with 92 skeletons (including 88 passengers and 4 crew members) sitting on their seats. It was more strange when they saw the skeletonized pilots sitting in the exact position and they were still clutching the controls. But the officials refused to comment on the sudden appearance of the missing airline after so many years. They denied commenting on where the airline was from so many years.

Where was the airline from past years?

It was assumed that the airline must have entered time wrap, but there was no further elaboration about it. They couldn’t find the reason about how the airline with 92 skeletons (in enact position) landed safely.

Santiago Airlines Horror Story | Vayu India Aviation

Controversies and reaction about the tragic event

The government, authorities and everyone refused to comment on the incidents.  The people who had suffered from the Santiago flight 513 and are still alive also don’t have anything much to comment. Though the government tried to research it as much as possible still they were ignoring the possibilities that could be and didn’t believe in a time wrap things because they don’t want to scare us. They try to remove all the evidence that proves that it has been any miracle. They finally declare it as a normal accident that keeps happening. It was count like normal news though it was deeply abnormal.

After seeing all this event, a question must always be in many of our minds that do such paranormal things exist today?

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