What Is Planning For Aviation And Airlines In 2021 | Global Avionics
What Is Planning For Aviation And Airlines In 2021 | Global Avionics

What Is Planning For Aviation And Airlines In 2021 | Global Avionics

Aviation Planning in 2021: Many current types of research show that the airline industry could get back on track faster than earlier predicted. After a huge shutdown in 2020, a lot of exciting things can come out with some expectation of 2021. Well, Let’s have a look at the 2021 Aviation and Airlines planning.

Predictions Based on Vaccination

  1. If the vaccine is available to all or just potential travellers towards the end of Summer 2021. The air traffic from before the pandemic can return as early as 2024.
  2. Also, if the vaccination is delayed to Summer of 2022, then it would not be before 2026 that air travel would be like 2019.
  3. The vaccination does not have a huge impact and people continue to get an infection. It would make the passengers lose confidence and the airlines industry is on the expectation to suffer up until 2029. 

Dreamliner Deliveries

The Boeing 787 Dreamliner might be in the delivery phase to many new countries for operation. Vistara has ordered 6 more units of the Boeing 787-9, since flying their first one in 2020 itself. 

Airlines Future | 2021 | Vayu India Aviation

New Airlines emerging from South America

Start-up airlines, like Ultra Air, Nella Linhas Aéreas and Ita Linhas Aéreas are planning on venturing into the market. It will be exciting to see how these new airlines make a mark when the industry is just starting to enter its recovery phase.

A Category of ‘Safe Airlines’

After taking into account factors like audits from aviation’s governing and industry bodies, fleet age and industry-leading safety initiatives. Qantas- The Australian Airline is looking after as the safest airline for 2021. It was also the leader in developing Future Air Navigation Systems. It was also one of the first airlines to start using the sixteen major safety enhancements. They were introduced in the past few decades.

The other 4 airlines that comprise the top 5 safest airlines are: Qatar Airways, Air New Zealand, Singapore Airlines and Emirates in ascending order.


Many airline firms are converting their passenger planes into freighters, cargo planes. Therefore, the restrictions on air travel and the boom in the e-commerce industry during the pandemic have pushed them into doing so. A study also suggests that passenger-to-freight conversions will increase by 36% all over the world. These permanent conversions have in turn been a successful change also for P2F conversion companies. Therefore some of them are Singapore Technologies Engineering Limited, Israel Aerospace Industries, etc. 

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