Mirage 2000 Aircraft | Indian Air Force
Mirage 2000 Aircraft | Indian Air Force

Mirage 2000 Aircraft | Indian Air Force

Mirage 2000 is a multi-purpose fighter plane. It is a French aircraft. In addition, Mirage 200 is twin-seat aircraft. Dassault Aviation made these aircraft. On the other hand, the Mirage 2000 take off its only flight in March 1978. Further, it inducted into the world in November 1978. Mirage 2000 has been in service with French Air Force since 1984. Different countries also demand this Mirage 2000. Countries like Abu Dhabi, Egypt, India, Greece and many more. On contrary, several variants of Mirage fighter jets have been in service with French Air Force. The variants are Mirage 2000 C, Mirage 2000 N, Mirage 2000 D. In addition, the other variant 2000-5 is advanced aviation electronics and able to hit the target in both in air and on the ground using the RDY radar. It has an advanced sensor and control system.

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MIRAGE 2000 Cockpit

Mirage 200-5 is a multifunctional and two-seat aircraft. The aircraft has hands-on throttle and stick control. It has 5 cathode-ray tubes including APSI displays. The cockpit has a flight control, navigation, target engagement system. Also, a sensor fitted on two-coloured lateral displays and a single or two-seat multi-role fighter can be used for the Mirage fighter jets. With a middle stick and left-hand thrusts, the pilot flips the plane, both with hand-on-throttle (HOTAS) controls. The pilot is on a zero-zero SEM MB Mk10 splash seat. Also, a head-up display with Sextant VE-130, which displays data related to control of aircraft, navigation, target engaging of weapons and a radar monitor situated centrally below it, is the dominating part of the instrument panel.

RoleMultirole fighter
National originFrance
ManufacturerDassault Aviation
First flight10 March 1978
IntroductionJuly 1984
StatusIn service
Primary usersFrench Air and Space Force
United Arab Emirates Air Force
Republic of China Air Force (Taiwan)
Indian Air Force
Number built601
VariantsDassault Mirage 2000N/2000D
Developed intoDassault Mirage 4000
General Specifications

Mirage 2000 Features

Furthermore, The Mirage 2000 is able to carry air-to-air missiles. It has a self-protection suite. Additionally, Mirage fighter jets already carried the ICMS Mk 2 integrated system from Thales. The length of the aircraft is 14.3 m. Its wingspan is 9.1 m. The height is 5.2 m. In addition, the combat weight is 21,000 lb. Further basic specifications of Mirage 2000-5 are here in the table.

Mirage Aircraft Performances

The Mirage 2000 has the capability to climb at the rate of 285 m/s. Further, the maximum speed of the Mirage fighter jet- is 2,530 km/h. While the ferry range is 3,335 km. The range and service ceilings are 1,550 km and 17,060 km.
Time to climb: 36,000 ft/Mach 1.8-5 minutes
Operational Ceiling: 55,000 ft
Range: 1,550 km
Ferry Range: 3,335 km
Service Ceiling: 17,060 m
Rate of Climb: 285 m/s
Guns: 2×30 mm guns
Mirage 2000 is designed to carry air-to-air missiles and weapons and also used to carry air guided missiles.

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History of Mirage 2000 India

The Mirage fighter jets are, therefore, one of the most powerful and lethal aircraft of the Indian Air Force (IAF). It was commissioned in 1985 for the first time. Shortly after initiating the Mirage, the IAF called it Vajra, which is a lightning Sanskrit thunderbolt. Dassault Aviation built it and took its first aeroplane in 1978. Inaugurated in 1984 in the French Air Force. Therefore, the original order for India to purchase the US-made F-16 Fighter Jets from Lockheed Martin was 36 single-seater Mirage-2000 and 4 twin-seater Mirage in 1982. In the 1999 Kargil Conflict, the Mirage-2000 played an important role and turned it on behalf of India.

In 2004, the government ordered a further 10 Mirage fighter aircraft to tally the total of 50 jets in view of the performance of the jets. Furthermore, in 2011, a deal with Mirage 2000-5 Mk was done to update current fighter jets, which will increase the life cycle of the jets fit for use until 2030. In the 30 years before it was replaced with the Rafale MMC jets, Dassault constructed approximately 580 Mirage-2000s.

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Countries using Mirage Fighter Jets

Dassault has also been sold to 8 other nations, including France, Egypt, the UAE, Peru, Taiwan, Peru, Greece and Brazil, in addition to India. Although Brazil has withdrawn them, the jet is still used by other counties. A total of 583 Fighter Jets for Mirage-2000 were designed over a 30-year period and the IAF ordered their successor, Rafael. Furthermore, the Mirage is not only a reliable partner in India’s previous performance in Kargil but, thanks to its load-carrying power, accuracy, lasers guided and updated technologies, is also extremely capable of carrying out surgical strikes and assaults as much as possible!

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