MiG-29 Jets Prove ‘RIGHT CHOICE’ For Indian Air Force | Indian Defence Avionics
MiG-29 Jets Prove ‘RIGHT CHOICE’ For Indian Air Force | Indian Defence Avionics

MiG-29 Jets Prove ‘RIGHT CHOICE’ For Indian Air Force | Indian Defence Avionics

Indeed, after the deadly border dispute with China, Russia recently signed a deal for the procurement of 21 Mig29 fighter jets. Instead of strong Rafales, several experts debated the importance of buying ‘outdated’ Russian Mig-29s. However, the latest tragedy produced by the MiG-29s in Libya reminds all those who wondered why the “obsolete” jet was purchased by the Indian Air Force (IAF). The Russian Mig-29 has shown that India’s decision to fight was completely right. The removal radars, destructing targets and avoiding enemies in Libya.

As the EurAsian Times reported earlier, aviation experts had challenged the recent decision by India in the French Rafale to buy MiG-29s from Russia. In reality, many had ‘fake’ marking the buy. However, after the latest demonstration of Libya’s prowess by Mig-29, India’s decision to buy MiG-29s in China has been proved correct, and the Russian jet remains as strong as ever. Their decisions have been made. The Syrian Air Force MiG-29s allegedly have hammered Turkish missile defence systems built in the war area for the purpose of defending the Government of the National Agreement (GNA) and its territory.


Indian analysts have closely watched the Russian jet’s operations in Libya. It hopes the jet will accomplish similar feats against Pakistan and China, if possible. Eurasian Times announced earlier today that New Delhi has put its approval stamp on the planned IAF 21 MIG-29. Therefore, for the upgrade of the existing 59 Mig-29. The IAF received its first MiG-29 in 1985 and the modernisation would allow the fighters to improve their fighting capability to a quality similar to 4th Generation aircraft.

With China in view, Russia has vowed to deliver the MiG-29s within the shortest possible timeline. In neighbouring Pakistan, there will definitely be eyebrows on the appearance. They will improvement of the current MIG-29s, which will significantly intensify the moralising of the IAF.

SOURCE: EurasianTimes

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