Join Indian Air Force 2020 | Indian Defence Avionics
Join Indian Air Force 2020 | Indian Defence Avionics

Join Indian Air Force 2020 | Indian Defence Avionics

Join Indian Air Force 2020: Indian Air Force, the most legit and respectable field where every citizen wants to be a part of it. Moreover, living the life of an IAF soldier is a challenge itself. But if you have a brave and confident heart then Indian Air Force recruitment is the right place where you’ve land to. The Indian Air Force’s decision is a matter of honour and respect for everyone. The focus is where you are. The Air Force offers you the best technology, provides you with an incomparable way of life and creates an atmosphere that encourages the best of you.

This is the right article you have found if you are looking for answers on how to join the Indian Air Force. The IAF provides many career opportunities to a graduate. You strategize, guide and administer as an Indian Air Force officer. You are trained in different fields and cultures and equipped for all of the obstacles facing you in the fast life of the Air Force. Also, if it is flying the new fighting aircraft or giving technological assistance, the job is always to give the best. In this article, we will make it really simple for you to understand every field of IAF and its recruitment process. Fasten your belts and get ready to take off with IAF.

Join Indian Air Force | 2020 | VIA Specials



Basically there are three types of branches available while joining the Indian Air Force. The first one is Flying Branch, the second is Technical Branch and the third one is Ground Duty Branch. You can choose your field of interest.

Flying Branch: In flying branch, you will get the training of a fighter pilot, helicopter pilot or a transport pilot. The flying branch officers are the one who undertakes the peace and warfare missions.
Technical Branch: In technical branch, you, as an officer will take care that the Indian Air Force is airworthy. The technical branch is basically the engineering branch. There are 2 main engineering branches as a career in the Indian Air Force, Mechanical and Electronics.
Ground Duty Branch: In the Ground duty branch, you as an officer learns to manage the human and materialistic resource which steers up the Indian Air Force. There are five sub-branches of Ground Duty where you can grab your interest.
1. Administration
2. Accounts
3. Logistics
4. Education
5. Meteorology

FLYING Branch1. Fighter Pilots
2. Helicopter Pilots
3. Transport Pilots
TECHNICAL Branch1. Mechanical/Aeronautical Engineering
2. Electronics Engineering
Ground Duty Branch1. Administration
2. Accounts
3. Logistics
4. Education
5. Meteorology
JOIN IAF | 2020 | VIA Specials

Entrance Exams to Join IAF

Now, here are the written entrance exams to join the Indian Air Force. Reading about these exams will not give you the officer placement, you need to work hard for them. I will be sharing the best coaching centres in Delhi where you can be an aspirant. Here are the names of exams and the tentative months of scheduling.

National Defence Academy – NDA (UPSC)January & June
Combined Defence Service Exam – CDSE (UPSC)November & August
Short Service Commission – SSC (AFCAT)June & December
Technical Engineer Recruitment (AFCAT – IAF)June & December
NCC Special Entry (IAF)June & December
Entrance Exams: Join Indian Air Force

Here are the best coaching centres for these exams in Delhi.
Click Here for NDA coaching centres, AFCAT & CDSE coaching centres

If you want to know the detailed knowledge about the eligibility of the Indian Air Force recruitment as per branches and qualification then click on the link given below.

Eligibility For
Flying Branch (Explained in Detail)
Technical Branch (Explained with Detail)
Ground Duty Branch (Explained)

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