ISRO Launches 3 Free UG/PG Online Courses | ISRO Aerospace
ISRO Launches 3 Free UG/PG Online Courses | ISRO Aerospace

ISRO Launches 3 Free UG/PG Online Courses | ISRO Aerospace

ISRO Launches 3 Free UG/PG Online Courses: Many of you, in reality, must having a dream to become a space scientist or to become a successful astronaut. But among lacs of dreams, only some of them get a chance to be a part of the organisations like ISRO or NASA. But this time, the Indian Space Research Organisation is back with the flight of dreams for many individuals and student. ISRO has launched three new courses online moreover Indian Space Research Organisation, also known as ISRO.

The courses can, hence, be formulated by graduate and post-graduate students, and are designed by ISRO. Identically the ISRO has begun taking applications for the three courses —

1. Geographical Information System
2. Geocomputing
3. Geoweb Services

Conversely, these ISRO Launches 3 Free UG/PG Online Courses will be run from seven to 12 days by the Indian Remote Sensing Institute (IIRS), a member of ISRO. Under ISRO, applicants may either register for one of their preferred programmes or apply for all courses at their discretion level.


Introduction to Geographic Mechanics, principles and also explanations is offered by The First Course – Geographic Information System. In addition, the preparation is designed as usual between 28 September and 15 October 2020. It takes four weeks to finish.

The Second Course — The basic of Geoweb and Geo Computation services is a Geocomputing introductory course and is, therefore, a 2-week course which takes place between 19 October and 29 October 2020.

Finally, The Third Course — Remote sensing and GIS applications will teach principles like remote sensing applications, crop quality evaluation GIS applications, and geological remote sensing applications. The course will therefore start on November 2nd and ends on November 20, 2020.

CURRICULUM of Course 1

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  • Data Inputting
  • Geographic Information System
  • Spatial analysis
  • Introductory concepts and overview. 


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  • Geocomputation technology and applications
  • Introduction to online GIS
  • Geo-web services and repositories
  • ISRO GeoWeb services
  • Programming concepts for geo computation
  • Introduction to Python and R


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  • Introduction to the applications of remote sensing
  • Other geospatial technologies in natural resources management
  • Development and governance
  • Remote sensing
  • GIS applications for crop resource assessment and monitoring
  • Remote sensing applications for geological studies
  • Space-enabled products and services for disaster management

Hence the ISRO notes that, after completing this course, the institution earns a diploma from the participants with a minimum participation of 70 per cent and a score of 40 per cent in the online test. Students are also provided with access to research materials such as lecture slides, presentations and more from IIRS e-class platforms. If you want to be the part of such a beautiful program by ISRO then this is moreover a perfect time for you all to hit a chance.


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