Indian Air Force Day 2020 | Indian Defence Avionics
Indian Air Force Day 2020 | Indian Defence Avionics

Indian Air Force Day 2020 | Indian Defence Avionics

The Indian Air Force 2020: A glimpse at why the day is celebrated, the rituals and its meaning.
This day is very special and important for every citizen of India and every soldier of the Indian Air Force. On Thursday 8th October, the Indian Air Force marks the 88th Air Force Day. The day gets highlight by the main event that will be keptin the Hindon Air Force Base. The parade and passageways across activities at IAF institutions across the world – this time with various pandemic controls. A look at why the day is celebrated, its practices and importance.

8 October: Indian Air Force Day
October 8, the day of the Air Force as the supporting force of the Royal Air Force of the United Kingdom was formally setup in India in 1932. In April 1933 was formed the first operational squadron. Nonetheless, The Indian Air Force has renamed the Royal Indian Air Force in the mid-1940s after its participation in the Second World War. In 1950, it became the Indian Air Force after the Republic was formed. The Air Force is now the fourth highest in the world out of six officers and 19 Hawaiian Sepoys in 1933.

Also, The Air Force Day was marked by the main case, parade and passage through Palam for many decades up to 2005-06. But, due to the growing problem of air traffic, two transport aircraft squadrons and an aircraft unit, amongst other establishments, movements to Hindon Air Force Base in Ghaziabad. In this occasion, the flypasts and presentations highlight the Air Force’s in-service programs.

Events of Indian Air Force Day

A parade of men and women air warriors at the Hindon Air Force Base involves the biggest event. The Chief of Air Staff (CAS) has also an investiture ceremony with medals on uniforms of the recipients. A significant number of serving and retiring burners, air warriors and their families as well as people attend the event each year, except for televisions. Due to COVID limitations, the number of participants this year will be much lower. On Thursday, the parade will be checked by the CAS Air Chief Marshall RKS Bhadaurie.

Traditionally, the day’s festivities involve a ‘home’ reception organised by the CAS, which involves top government and brass officials. ” Also in addition to parades, the award of medals and flypast, one of the main characteristics of the event is the speech from the Air Force Commander, said former Chief of Staff Air Chief Marshal PV Naik (Retd). Where not only air warriors but the country are addressed by the president.

Traditions of Indian Air Force Day

The flypast comprises a display and aeroplane display of separate fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters. Hence the case took place on Tuesday in complete dress rehearsal. The newly-inducted Rafale jets will be showoff in the Tejas LCA, Mig-29 and Sukhoi-30. There will also be helicopters such as Mi17V5, Chinook, Mi-35, ALH Rudra and Apache. As well as aircraft of transportation such as C-17 Globemaster, C-130, IL-76 and Gajraj. Suryakiran Aerobatic Fixed Wing Team and Sarang Aerobatic Helicopters will both be big attractions.

Moreover, the event is marked at the IAF stations around the country by numerous features. Like an IAF veterans’ conference in the field and a Bada Khana for the stationed staff. This year, though veteran activities kept in most of the classes, other activities were also its limit due to pandemics.

Significance and Message

As a strategic cue, parade and flypast are the importance of the day for honouring the heritage and culture. Air Marshall Bhushan Gokhale (Retd), the former Air Staff Vice-Chef said the wordings. Here it goes: “When air warriors — an appropriate and inclusive word coined in Air Marshal AY Tipnis — look back and look forward and take stock of the situation”. It is one day to pay tribute to numerous sacrifices rendered by airmen. Not only to save the sky but also in the many humanitarian and disaster relief operations conducted on the other hand, to the immaculate parades and the breathtaking shows are a diplomatic reminder to the people of the world that they are safe hands and also to the adversaries.”

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