How To Become A Weapon Fitter In The Indian Air Force | Indian Defence Avionics
How To Become A Weapon Fitter In The Indian Air Force | Indian Defence Avionics

How To Become A Weapon Fitter In The Indian Air Force | Indian Defence Avionics

How to Become a Weapon Fitter in the Indian Air Force: A Weapon Fitter is, therefore, one of the Airmen working in the Indian Air Force. Also, a weapon fitter prepares, maintains, and services armaments, ammunition and safety equipment for aircraft, missiles and other various weapon delivery systems. The weapon fitter also operates and maintains bomb destruction and small arms equipment. Their training also includes learning how to handle bombs, explosives, arms and how to install the same on weapon delivery platforms.

Eligibility Criteria for Becoming a Weapon Fitter in the Indian Air Force

The applicant needs to meet all three standards before being admitted to the Indian Air Force. Hence, the three criterias are: Education Qualification, Physical/ Medical Standards and Visual Standards.

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Education Qualification

Any candidate who is in the age bracket of 17-21 years can also apply. Therefore, the maximum age on date of enrolment is 21 years old. 

The candidate can either pass 12th standard with Mathematics, Physics and English as compulsory subjects scoring at least a 50% in English and a minimum aggregate of 50%. The candidate is also qualified if they have passed a 3 years Diploma in Engineering, in any stream, from a recognised Polytechnic Institute with an aggregate of at least 50% and a 50% in English in the Diploma course.

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Physical/ Medical Standards

The following physical fitness and mental fitness standards need to be met by the applicants who wish to perform the role of an airman in the Indian Air Force. This will also ensure that they are fit enough to perform their duties in any part of the world, climate and terrain.

WeightWeight should be proportionate to height and age.
ChestMinimum range of expansion : 5 cm
HearingAlso, you should have normal hearing i.e. able to hear forced whisper from a distance of 6 meters by each ear separately.
Dentalhence, you should have healthy gums, a good set of teeth and minimum 14 dental points.
HealthCandidates should be of normal anatomy without loss of any appendages. Also, he should be free from all communicable diseases & skin ailments. Candidates must be physically and also mentally FIT to perform duty in any part of the world, in any climate and terrain.
Body TattooPermanent body tattoos are not permitted, therefore, tattoos only on the inner face of the forearms(inside of elbow to the wrist), back(dorsal) part of the hand/reverse side of the palm and Tribals with tattoos which are as per custom Traditions of their tribes may be considered. Therefore, the right to decide on the acceptability /unacceptability of the individual rests with the Selection Centre. Candidates with permanent body tattoos are also to submit two photographs(close up and distinct view) with details of size and type of the Tattoo.


Visual Standards

The visual standards to become a Weapon Fitter in the Indian Air Force is, therefore, not an easy task. Well, you also have to be ready with all your medicals clear beforehand. Your eyesight, limits of reflection errors, colour vision, height and also your leg length, everything matters. If you’ve cleared your written exams and formalities then you must consult a doctor and get all tests done in advance.

TradeVisual AcuityMaximum limits of Ref ErrorColour VisionHeightLeg Length

Weapon Fitter
6/12 each eye correctable to 6/6 each eyeHence, Hypermetropia +2.0D Myopia 1D including +/- 0.50 astigmatismCP-II152.5 cmTherefore, the minimum leg length required for Mechanical System Fitter and Automobile Fitter is 99 cm.

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