HAL Rudra | Attack Helicopter | Indian Air Force
HAL Rudra | Attack Helicopter | Indian Air Force

HAL Rudra | Attack Helicopter | Indian Air Force

The HAL RUDRA is an attack helicopter manufactured by Hindustan Aeronautics Limited in India. Also, there is a variant of HAL Dhruv, named, Mk-4. Furthermore, it used to perform various missions and is widely used for transport. In contrast, a total of 50 helicopters are currently in service for the Indian Army. A full range of tasks including recognition, transporting troops, combat and close-air support can also be carried out with the HAL Rudra helicopter.

Nonetheless, HAL has been commissioned with the Indian Army and the Indian Air Force to supply approx 76 Rudra ALH Mk-IV helicopters. The Indian Army also intends to fit 60 helicopters into its Army Aviation Corps and create six squadrons. In February 2013, HAL sent the Indian Army the first Rudra helicopter and as of October 2019, there were a total of 50 Rudra helicopters, therefore, operating under the Indian Army. By 2020, another ten units should be supplied.

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General Characteristics

CrewTwo pilots
Capacity12 passengers (14 passengers in high density seating)
Lengthm (52 ft 1 in)
Widthm (10 ft 4 in)
Heightm (16 ft 4 in)
Gross weight4,445 kg (9,800 lb)
Max takeoff weight5,800 kg (12,787 lb) for Mk IV
Fuel capacity1,055 kg (2,326 lb)
Powerplant2 × HAL/Turbomeca Shakti-1H turboshaft, 1,068 kW (1,432 shp) each
Main rotor diameterm (43 ft 4 in)
Main rotor area136.85 m2 (1,473.0 sq ft)

Design and development

However, the WSI version development in December 1998 has been approved and in August 2007, the helicopter flew for the first time. In September 2011 Rudra concluded a final arms shooting trial. During these tests, the 20mm turreted pistol was evaluated. In November 2011 Rudra tested Mistral air-to-air missiles and 70 mm rockets. Thus, Mistral is an infrasound rocket that can strike the objectives within 6.5km. Later, the land checks were completed in September 2012 for the first production helicopter. In fact, in February 2013, the Center for airworthiness et Certification (CEMILAC) awarded HAL Rudra Mk-IV the initial IOC. Hence, for the first time in the 2013 Aero India show the helicopter was on display.

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In the final analysis, HAL Rudra has a standard style. Also, composite carbon fibre fabrics are used to reduce weight in production. Specifically, a four-blade composite rotor is connected to the twin motors above the cab. Kevlar and carbon fibre fabrics are used in the cockpit. However, Rudra is 15.8m long, 13.2m long, and 4.9m high. Therefore, Rudra has a main rotor diameter and the helicopter’s estimated starting weight is 5,500 kg. On the whole, a payload of 2600kg can be carried by Rudra.

Salient Features

  • Flying performance is outstanding.
  • The main reason to design is for better climbing performance.
  • Design to perform cos effective operations.
  • Have better fuel efficiency.
  • Low maintenance cost.

Variants of HAL Rudra

There are two major models for Rudra or ALH-WSI (Weapon Systems Integrated).

  • Mark III: Electronic warfare, counter-measures, sensors, and targeting systems have been mounted in this version but no weapons are available.
  • Mark IV: This is an air-to-air and air-to-ground MBDA missiles, such as Helin’s anti-tank missile, which would have a French Nexter twin-meter turret weapon, the Belgian 70 mm rocket and these were all independently tested.

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Performance of HAL Rudra

Maximum speed280 km/h (175 mph, 151 kn)
Cruise speed245 km/h (153 mph, 132 kn)
Never exceed speed292 km/h (182 mph, 157 kn) for Mk IV
Range590 km (368 mi, 318 nmi) for Mk IV
Ferry range630 km (394 mi, 340 nmi)
Endurance3.8 hours
Service ceiling6,100 m (20,000 ft)
Rate of climbm/s (2,033 ft/min)
Disk loading40.19 kg/m2 (8.23 lb/sq ft)

Delivery of HAL Rudra in Indian Air Force

The actual deal is to deliver 76 Rudra ALH Mk-4 helicopter. Further, these have made for the Indian Air force and Indian Army. On the other hand, the Indian Army has already planned to provide 60 helicopters to its Army Aviation Corps. Additionally, they have also planned to deliver 6 squadrons. On the other hand, the Indian Army got a total of 50 helicopters through HAL. Additionally, 10 units are estimated to be delivered by 2020.

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  • 1x THL-20 chin-mounted cannon M621 in Nexter
  • 1x AUR 7.62 mm Machine gun cabin-mounted (coast guard version)
  • 2×2 MBDA Air-to-air missiles Mistral-1 short distance
  • 4x 70 mm Thales Rocket Caps 12-round
  • 4x tank-guided missiles to Helina/Dhruvastra (Induction finished user trials soon.)
  • 2x Torpedo and 4 anti-ship missiles and depth charges (also planned for navy version)

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