HAL Chetak | The Multipurpose Helicopter | Indian Air Force
HAL Chetak | The Multipurpose Helicopter | Indian Air Force

HAL Chetak | The Multipurpose Helicopter | Indian Air Force

The HAL Chetak, a multipurpose helicopter, is an updated version of Alouette 3rd. In addition, on 12 December 1961, awarded a civil airworthiness certificate. The HAL Chetak, a 7 seater helicopter, including pilots. Further, it has a tricycle type design and the helicopter division manufactures the HAL helicopters. Additionally used for both civil and military customers. On the other hand hand, the HAL Cheetah is a multipurpose, 7 seats and has a wide space too. Further, it has a decent design too, The helicopter used for various purposes Likely used for search operations. On contrary, the helicopter has the capability to fly in varied conditions and moreover, its basic details are as follows.

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Chetak Specifications

Capacity5 passengers
Length10.03 m (32 ft 11 in)
Height3 m (9 ft 10 in)
Empty weight1,143 kg (2,520 lb)
Gross weight2,200 kg (4,850 lb)
Powerplant1 × Turbomeca Artouste IIIB turboshaft, 649 kW (870 hp)
Main rotor diameter11.02 m (36 ft 2 in)
Main rotor area95.38 m2 (1,026.7 sq ft)
Maximum speed210 km/h (130 mph, 110 kn) at sea level
Cruise speed185 km/h (115 mph, 100 kn)
Range540 km (340 mi, 290 nmi)
Service ceiling3,200 m (10,500 ft)
Rate of climb 4.3 m/s (850 ft/min)

HAL Chetak Features

Further, the aircraft used for various purposes and missions like search and rescue operations, investigation, observation, etc. On the contrary, the HAL Chetak earlier known as Aloutee 3rd. This conversion occurred in 1962. The helicopter comprises anti-submarine weapons and two-depth charges that are joint with torpedoes. Hindustan Aircraft limited manufactured these aircraft. at its Bangalore division. and also produced small tankers, frigates, destroyers, and survey ships. The aircraft has a single turbine engine. This aircraft’s origin is France. Additionally, the HAL reassemble these aircraft in Indian at its Bangalore centre. Also, the Chetak consist of a single lifting rotor and an anti-torque tail rotor attached to a turbine engine and this aircraft is a multipurpose helicopter, comes in purpose to carry passengers and for transportation. Additionally used for weapon transport and take off with snow or water with the right equipment.

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A multipurpose HAL Chetak

A single motor-engine turbine-driven helicopter is Chetak (SE 316 Alouette III). All-weather aircraft are high end. Moreover, it is an upgraded Alouette III variant and on 12 Dec 1961 has been certified as Civil Flugworthiness and is originally produced in France. Therefore, their Bangalore division is reworked in India by M/s HAL Ltd. The Chetak has a single lifting rotor and a turbine-powered antitorque tail rotor and it can also transport seven people, pilots included. Hence, it comes into action for the transport of victims/evacuation of travellers, rescue, freight transport, reconnaissance arms and the possibility to land or to take away water or snow with proper equipment.

The military can use the chopper extensively for both civil and military roles, including communications, rescue, air surveys, transport and combating of cargos and passengers. It also meets the exacting specifications of anti-submarine and anti-tank warfare and is armed with missiles and torpedoes.

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Components of the Operation

A helicopter that can be used for different uses, such as forced arrest warfare, torpedoes and shorter-range missiles when a plane-guardianship ship is not available is a vital part of the carrier’s operations. Also, the requirements for the Fleet Air Arm helicopter by the French naval authorities with the finalization of the acquisition of Vikrant. Proudly, in 1986 the Indian government officially announce the Army Aviation Corps, also, on 1 November 1986, most of the Chetaks and Cheetahs were removed from the Indian Air Force. In both the anti-tank and casualty evacuation (CASEVAC) functions and general operating duties, the Air Force continued to use the armed Chetaks when operating the lighter Cheetah for FAC.

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Multipurpose in Action

In 1961, INR Vikrant joined the service of the Search & Rescue (SAR) Alouette helicopter. Also, Darshak was first used in 1970 to map the Gulf of Kutch and was designed to boarder a helicopter and enter operation in 1964. In order to sail into an Alouette was planned the tanker Deepak commissioned in 1967 and ‘Logistic support’ applies to the ‘Search-and-Rescue’ function of the Alouette by March 1969. Therefore, the Helicopter Squadron was named INAS 321 on 15 March 1969 and it included Vikrant, Hansa, Garuda and Deepak SAR flights.

A call to MATCH on 15 May 1972 as INAS 331 for the first Leander class frigate, Nilgiri. In the light of whether the light Alouette helicopter might be useful, flights from Alouette were endorsed for some ships in the 1971 conflict. The new survey ships got an allowance for the Brahmaputra, Beas, Betwa frigates. Moreover, the vessels were short-lived as most ships were stationed in Mumbai and in Bombay on 1 August 1980, INAS 321 was transferred to INS Kunjali.

Therefore, HAL suggested in the early 1980s that they considered discontinuing Chetak helicopter manufacture. Also, it will take significant time to produce the replacement ALHs, HAL continued manufacturing. A total of 85 Chetaks, 19 of them missing and 66 in service, were inaugurated into the Navy until 2002. In addition, 17 examples of this type are given by the Coast Guard.

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