8 Facts About Globemaster III AKA C-17 | Indian Air Force
8 Facts About Globemaster III AKA C-17 | Indian Air Force

8 Facts About Globemaster III AKA C-17 | Indian Air Force

At these challenging moments, the Indian Air Force continually acts as the God of Warriors & Survivor, Lord Hanuman. The supplies and medicines are supplied throughout the world and also provided by a friendly country. Beginning in April, IAF mobilized about 6350 tons, in domestic and foreign flights, of medication and oxygen supplies. The numerous trips have risen with over 571 sorties flown to date. The IAF transport fleet is applause-filled for doing this fantastic work. The C-17, also with the regular mobilizations of cryogenic oxygen tankers in the country and also for sustaining its supply chain, is one of the aircraft that has attracted a lot of publicity these days. The C-17s of the Indian Air Force is also known as Globemaster III. So, in this blog, we will discuss the 10 amazing facts about the Globemaster III AKA C17 of the Indian Air Force.

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8 Facts About Globemaster III AKA C17

1. Aircraft Type

The C-17 is one of the most versatile military transport aircraft in the world. In reality, the C-17 can directly fly containers to small, austere aircraft worldwide over long distances. It is a high-speed, 4-engine, multi-service and T-tailed aircraft. During the pandemic, it is very useful to the Indian Air Force.

2. Manufacturers of Globemaster III

Boeing Aerospace Company, USA, are the manufacturers of the Globemaster III C-17s. The C-17s, therefore, operates to supplement other freight lift operators and to assist the US Air Force in strategic lift operations. It is one of the largest military aircraft.

3. Important Specifications

The overall length of the C-17 is 53.04 meters and the width to the tip is 51.74 m. Four Pratt & Whitney PW2040 engines (military name F117-PW-100) gives thrust to the aircraft each by the strength of 40,440 pounds. The aircraft is 830 km/h cruising altitude. The takeoff speed length is 3,000 feet long and also, the maximum speed of Globemaster III AKA C17 is 1,080 km/h.

4. C-17 IAF Fleets

There are 11 C-17s in the Indian air force. The first C-17 was inaugurated in 2013, and in the year 2019, also the 11th was inaugurated at the Sky Lords Squadron (No. 81 Squadron). The No. 81 Squadron operates from Hindon Air Base, Uttar Pradesh. This airbase in India is the home of Globemaster III aircraft. Nonetheless, these aircraft actively improves the IAF manifold’s lifting capacity and were operating continuously.

5. Flying Capabilities

In the course of flight and landing at 3000 feet or below on a small unpaved or paved airfield in the night or in the day, the C-17 will travel 2,400 nautical miles to the Indian Air Force which is of considerable benefit since most airstrips are situated at remote battle points. It can even take off from an airfield of 7 600 feet, which means that it can take off even from high-mountain airstrips. Also, the range of the Globemaster III is 4,480 km with a 71,214 kg payload.

6. Operational Capabilities

The C-17s actively participates in aerial paratroopers on enemy territories and also have seats of 54 on the sidewall and 48 on the centerline. The long reach, destination and high, overweight payloads of the C-17s can tackle under uncertain circumstances. The fact that the Globemaster III is providing cargo in every service worldwide since the 1990s will demonstrate its operating expertise and ability.

Cockpit of Globemaster III

7. C-17 Simulation School

The C-17 Simulator training centre is also providing tactical flying training to the pilots, with its locations in Gurgaon. Mahindra Defense Systems sets up the simulator and has completed thousands of hours of training for aircrews and charging masters in the region. The facility also contains weapons equipment and charging station coaches, which may be independently or linked to complete assignments. The flight deck of the simulator aids night vision gliders for extensive mission preparation.

8. Successful Operations by Globemaster III AKA C-17

The C-17 comes inaction by the Indian Air Force for relief operations in Nepal during the earthquakes of 2015. Also, in 2013 by the Uttarakhand inundations, they are also used for a successful mission in the country. It brings over 1,300 Djibouti Indians back from conflict-torn Yemen in 2015. They still work continuously to tackle the present situation and keep the supply chain functions. There are several other countries other than India which use the Globemaster C-17 aircraft including Australia, Canada, Kuwait, Qatar, UAE, UK and the USA.

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