Globemaster C-17 III | Indian Air Force
Globemaster C-17 III | Indian Air Force

Globemaster C-17 III | Indian Air Force

The Globemaster C-17 will bring massive equipment, supplies and also troops directly to airfields on the rugged terrain anywhere on earth day or night by way of a high wing, 4-engines T-tailed military-transport jet. The heavy, robust, long-haul flight deals in uncertain circumstances of distance, also at the destination and heavy, excess loads. Since the 1990s, it has delivered freight around the world.

Provided that, the Globemaster C-17 is one of the world’s most compact aircraft for military transport. Indeed, The C-17 will fly containers and passengers over long distances directly to small austere aircraft anywhere in the world. It can be equipped to fulfil a range of airlift specifications for military and humanitarian missions, also the C-17 will take off at 2.133 metres with 72.6 tonnes of freight. The airfield, fly unrefueled for up to 4,400 km and in fact on the land on a small unpaved or paved airfield day and night, within 900 m days or at night. It can also reach areas with a high degree of air hazard due to its counter measurement systems. In fact, in a tanker aircraft that expands its portfolio substantially, the aircraft will refuel.

The functionality of Globemaster C-17 III

The C-17 is, therefore, the first carrier for military, humanitarian and peacekeeping missions in remote, surface regions to travel long distances and land. This can:

  • Avoid 7,600 ft. Taking off. Bear a weight of 160 thousand pounds, travel 2,400 nautical miles, refuel during flying and land at or below 3,000ft in day or night on a small unpaved or paved airfield.
  • Take a wheeled US freight. Identically, two side-by-side military equipment like the U.S. the largest war tank of the Army, the M-1. Likewise, infantry combat vehicles contain three Bradley vehicles with 1 load.
  • Fall 60,000-lb of a single. Payload, with 110,000 lb drops in concurrent load, therefore, it return a direction of two per cent.
  • Sidewall seat 54 and centerline seat 48.
Globemaster C-17 | Vayu India Aviation

There are 11 C-17 Globemaster IIIs of the Indian Air Force. Boeing also has developed a simulator training centre for aircraft and loadmasters in C-17 that has conducted thousands of hours of training.

Advanced Designs of Globemaster C-17

The C-17’s blend of powerful power plants and, therefore, the innovative aerodynamic architecture makes a major contribution to its flexibility. The C-17 is powered by four F117-PW-100 motors from Pratt & Whitney, also each with an effective 179,9 kN. The C-17 wings are, therefore, hypercritical and contain a blowing flap mechanism from the outside. The machine uses motor exhaust that is guided at the slabs to create a flow that decreases the speed of the landing and thus the distance of the landing.

C-17 Technical Specifications

Wingspan169 ft 9.6 in (51.755 m)
Length 174 ft (53 m)
Fuselage Diameter22.5 ft (6.86 m)
Load170,900 lbs also, a combination of packaged material and vehicles max 18 463 L master pallets (77,519 kg)
102 paratroopers.
134 soldiers with palletized seating or sidewalls.
Sidewall infantry of 54.
36 litters and also with 54 outpatients and physicians plus cargo including 1 M1 Abrams, 3 Strykers, or six M1117 Armoured Vehicles.
Maximum Take-Off Weight585,000 lb (265,352 kg)
Range2,420 nmi (2,780 mi, 4,480 km) with 157,000 lb (71,214 kg) payload
Height at tail55.1 ft (16.79 m)
Cruise Speed450 kn (520 mph, 830 km/h) (M0.74–0.79)
Take-off Speed Length3,000 ft (914 m)
Landing Field Length3,500 ft (1,067 m) with maximum payload
Maximum SpeedMach 0.875 (670 mph, 1,080 km/h)
Fuel Capacity35,546 US gal (29,598 imp gal; 134,560 l)
Aspect Ratio7.165
Crew3 (2 pilots, 1 loadmaster)

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