Eligibility for Technical Branch | Indian Air Force
Eligibility for Technical Branch | Indian Air Force

Eligibility for Technical Branch | Indian Air Force

Eligibility for Technical Branch in Indian Air Force: Thousands of dreams are tied to that. There are at all times fewer than 1000 active-duty fighter pilots out of more than 1.00,000 officers serving with the IAF. Other professional individuals who are not active. Complete pilot numbers are 3000 rather than 4000. The people’s focus on these few airmen is incorrect.
Yes, so far all the air leaders came from the flying branch are recorded. But this information can not be used to say that one day a technician can not be the air chief. The military is a hierarchical organisation, and the desire to get to the top is natural and healthy. But a positive attitude is critical, as all those who ever heard of the SSB know.

Life of a Technical Officer

Under these two departments, technical officers of the Indian airforce shall be selected on the basis of subjects covered by the engineering. subsequently, the Electrical Department works well with all the electric components of the aircraft, which is why all of the officers are equipped with their training. The mechanical department is therefore responsible for smooth operation and procedure of the aircraft’s motors and mechanical equipment. This is the broad classification of the responsibilities of the Indian Airforce technical officers. Although they are not confined only to these departments, they can also work in other areas.

If required for military use, the technical officer shall ensure the usage of equipment such as aircraft, radars, missiles, vehicles, etc. The group of technicians who do the repair and revise activities is responsible for the department. The similar proof to include the spares is also the responsibility of the technical officer to keep, how they handle and ensure that these materials are properly plied. You need to engage in the preparation and evaluation of maintenance needs as you become a senior in work.

Eligibility For Technical Branch (Aeronautical Engineers)

Firstly, You propel and manage your team as an officer in the ground services branch to ensure Indian Air Force stays flying. Secondly, by joining one of the branches based on your qualification, you would be responsible for some of the most complex equipment in the world.

Age20 to 26 years (at the start of course)
GenderMen and women alike. Permanent Commission (male)/SSC (male and female)
Marital StatusUnmarried – candidates under 25 years of age.
Education QualificationAlso, the applicants in each discipline of a recognised institution should have completed an active response course of at least 50 per cent marks each in the 10+2 and at least four years in either of the disciplines at a minimum of 60 per cent marks or equal standards in physics.
Marks(A) After graduating in engineering or during the final year of the college programme.

(B) A minimum of 60% or the equivalent of either of the qualifications listed must be graded.

(C) Students of the final year which apply until there is a current backlog at AFSB tests and they deliver an interim/original university degree on the date indicated in the advertising. The student must request an application.
Schedule of ExamIn June and December, AFCAT is issued by the IAF.
Eligibility for Technical Branch in IAF

List of Approved Engg Disciplines

Mechanical Aeronautical Engineer-AE (M)

Moreover, candidates with a minimum graduation of 50 per cent each in the fields of physics and mathematics and minimum graduation of 4 years from the recognised university OR approved section A&B Associate Member of the Institution of Engineers (India) or therefore, the Indian Aeronautical Association by means of actual courses and a minimum of 60% in the disciplines listed below.

Electronics Aeronautical Engineer – AE (L)

Candidates with at least 50 per cent each mark 10 + 2 in Physics and Mathematics and with at least four years of post-graduate / integrated graduation qualifications in Technology from recognised University OR cleared Sections A and B of Associate Membership Association of Institution of Engineers (India) or Aeronautical Society of India or PhD. with 60% marks in the discipline listed below.

Mechanical Aeronautical Engineer-AE (M)Electronics Aeronautical Engineer – AE (L)
Aerospace Engineering.
Aeronautical Engineering.
Aircraft Maintenance Engineering.
Mechanical Engineering.
Mech. Engineering and Automation.
Mechanical Engineering (Production).
Mechanics Engineering (Repair and Maintenance).
Industrial Engineering.
Manufacturing Engineering.
Production and Industrial Engineering.
Materials Science and Engineering.
Metallurgical and Materials Engineering.
Aerospace and Applied Mechanics.
Automotive Engineering.
Rubber Technology and Rubber Engineering.
Communication Engineering.
Computer Engineering/Technology.
CS Engineering & Application.
Electrical and Computer Engineering.
EL. and Electronics Engineering.
EE/ Technology.
Electronic Science and Engineering.
EC & Engineering.
Electronics and Computer Science.
Telecommunication Engineering.
Electronics and/or Telecommunication Engineering
Electronics and Computer Engineering.
Electro Communication and Instrumentation Engg.
Electronics Instrument & Control.
Instrumentation & Control Engineering.
Information Technology.
Spacecraft Technology.
Engineering in Physics.
Electric Power and Machinery Engineering.
Infotech Engineering.
Cyber Security
List of approved Courses by IAF (AFCAT)

It was then all about the eligibility for the technical branch in the Indian Air Force. I hope all candidates know this article and that it would be useful. We spoke about the divisions in the last post. Therefore, this article was written regarding the Technical BRANCH qualifications in IAF. Go to the following page.


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