Eligibility for Flying Branch | Indian Air Force
Eligibility for Flying Branch | Indian Air Force

Eligibility for Flying Branch | Indian Air Force

Identically, the Indian Air Force is the most prestige form of armed force and is a dream of many aspirants. In the last article, we talk about the branches of the Indian Air Force and its entrance papers. Today we will talk about the eligibility Eligibility for FLYING BRANCH in Indian Air Force. If you’re an IAF aspirant and want a detailed knowledge about the eligibility to join IAF then you’ve landed on the right place. So here we begin with this version.

This is the right article you seek to find answers to how to join the Indian Air Force. Therefore, the IAF gives a candidate several job prospects. As an Indian Air Force pilot, you strategize, direct and handle. In diverse fields and societies you are educated and prepared for all the challenges you face in a fast-moving air force. Furthermore, whether it flies the new combat aircraft or offers logistical support, the job is to always do the utmost. This paper makes understanding each region of the IAF and its recruiting process very easy for you. Close your belts and brace for IAF take-off.

Eligibility For FLYING BRANCH

If you really have big expectations and want to hit the sky practically, that is your best opportunity. When you have chosen yourself, you will be trained as a fighter pilot. You will be part of many wartime and peace operations when representing the country as a soldier. The written admission exams to the Indian Air Force are nowhere. You won’t have to work hard to learn about these tests, you don’t have an officer spot. In Delhi where you can be an aspirant, I will share the best coaching centres. The names of the tests and the temporary schedule months are here. You may pick one of the two types according to the qualifications for membership of the air force flying branch:

1. Through NDA (National Defence Academy)
2. Graduation Process

Through NDA: Criteria

Candidates can serve in the Air Force by taking the UPSC National Defense Academy Exam. Find the following details and eligibility:

Age16 ½ to 19 ½ years
GenderOnly For Men
Qualification10+2 in Mathematics and Physics. Students who would already be able to apply in the last year.

Graduation Process: Criteria


Age20 to 24 years (during the commencement of course)
GenderOnly Men
Marital StatusSingle
Qualification(A) Diploma in every discipline (10 + 2-degree Physics and Maths) from a recognised University / BE / B Tech. (Three-year course)
(B) Eligibility for qualification is also required that students submit the certificate of degree granted by the University on the date stated in the document.
(C) There is no CDSE entry percentage bar.
Schedule of ExamIn November and August, ads are written on the UPSC official website.


The flying branch of the Indian Air Force can also be used as the ‘C’ Senior Section of the Air Wing Certificate Holder of the National Cadet Corps. This method of entry requires men and women to enter the Air Force. For men and Short-Service Commission for men and women, the permanent commission provided.

Age20 to 24 years AND the duration of 26 years is relaxed (at the start of course) for applicants with a valid and existing commercial pilot licence granted by the DGCA in India.
GenderOnly Men
Marital StatusSingle
QualificationCandidates should have been accepted mandatory with at least 50 per cent mark each at the 10 + 2 standard of Maths and Physics and
(A) A graduate course of at least three years with a minimum of 60 per cent marks or similar in every speciality of a recognised university.
(B) BE / B Tech (4-year course), with at least 60 per cent marks or equivalent from a recognised University.
(C) Likewise, applicants who have cleared Section A&B inventory from an accepted university. Minimum of 60 per cent mark. The equivalent of Related Membership in the Institution of Engineers (India) or the Aeronautical Society of India.
The qualification and eligibility for NCC Air Wing Senior Division ‘C’ must be two years before the beginning date.
Schedule of ExamAnnouncements are issued by the IAF in June and December for NCC Special Entry.


The Short Service Commission (SSC) in the Flying Branch can be extended through AFCAT. The Flying branch short service committee is without further extension for 14 years.

AgeThe maximum age limit for applicants holding a valid and current DGCA Commercial Pilot License (India) is reduced to 26 years.
GenderMen and Women
Marital StatusSingle

So, this was all about the eligibility to join the Indian Force as a flying officer. I hope this article is knowledgeable and helpful to all the aspirants. In the last article, we talked about the branches. This article we came to know about the Eligibility for FLYING BRANCH in IAF. There will be two more articles. Please go to the link below.


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