Dangerous Airports in the World | Global Avionics
Dangerous Airports in the World | Global Avionics

Dangerous Airports in the World | Global Avionics

Travelling through the air can be one of the safest and fastest modes of transport. It helps us to reach our destination as fast as possible. But some airports might frighten people to travel through airlines. Airports have plain runways for perfect and safe landing but unfortunately, there are some with reassume runways in the middle of mountains and rivers and can be dangerous to travel through. Here are some most dangerous airports in the world:

Courchevel Airport, France

This airport is recognized in France for having one of the world’s shortest runways at 537 m. The airport is advancing for people who want to ski in the Alps and are therefore in the middle of the hills. Besides sailing these mountains, pilots must also land safely to a tight angle to slow down the aircraft. There are no on-site air traffic controls, but pilots can touch each other on large aircraft at times.

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Lukla Airport, Nepal

In January 2008, in honour of the first two persons of overcoming Mount Everest, Lukla Airport was repositioning to Tenzing Hillary Airport in Nepal in Khumbu, district of Solukhumbu. This Nepalese airport is also used by tourists travelling Mount Everest. For over 20 years the airport has been listed as the world’s most hazardous airport. The airport is 8,000 feet (2,438 meters ) above sea level. The arrival and departure lines are short and even little power is available at the airport with almost no modern air traffic control technology. The attraction is challenging, as the pilot has a tough wind of reducing visibility in the hilly area. Lukla airport undoubtedly line-on 2nd because its construction is near the military camp, Mount Everest.

Toncontin International Airport, Honduras

The international airport of Toncontin has situated 6 km from the centre of Tegucigalpa in Honduras, also known as Teniente Coronel Hernán Acosta Mejía Airport and is one of the dangerous airports in the world. The airport is a military and a commercial airport. The History Channel list of the most dangerous airports in the Most Dangerous Airport series added this dangerous airport. The pilot has to take some precautions to avoid hitting the mountains because the airport is located in a mountains state. The route is therefore quite short and causes the aircraft to stop suddenly.

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Barra International airport, Scotland

The International Airport is located on the northernmost tip of the island of Barra on the bay of Traigh Mhòr in Scotland, also called Barra Eollgary Airport. This dangerous airport uses the beach as a road with a limited reach. It is without a doubt the only airport in the world to do it. It is the only airport in the world that uses regular flights to fly the tidal beach. Just Glasgow is the airport’s destination.

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