Hi visitor, we hope you’re doing good. As you know the whole world is in the state of the highest effected pandemic disease across the globe, i.e. Coronavirus or COVID-19. We request you to take some security COVID 19 MEASURES before travelling on the aeroplane. Before discussing the measures, let’s discuss more COVID situation affecting the airlines and causing travelling issues. The coronavirus has been attacked by almost every continent, every country, state and city. Due to this, almost every international airports and planes meant to be shut down for the safety measures. The whole world was in the state of lockdown.

During this step, many people were far away from their respective homes and weren’t able to reach out safely. After 4 to 5 months of lockdown finally, there are airlines which re-established their service with utmost safety rules and hence are strictly followed. Airlines like Air India, Vistara, GoAir, Singapore Air, Air India Express and many more are back in the air so that people could travel from one place to another in the state of coronavirus.

Now here are some security measures which everyone needs to keep in mind before travelling in the airlines from one place to another in the worldwide situation of coronavirus.

Security Measures of COVID 19

Safety #1

Experts say that the time has now been right to give additional attention to the regulations of health and hygiene, such as frequent washing of hands and packing items such as hand sanitizers, tissues and medicines for extra supplies.

Safety #2

In fact, you can never step through the metal detector to stop germs at the security checkpoint.  Put everything you can in your carry-on instead of a bin, including your jacket, telephone and pocket contents. Take a moment in the post-security repacking area to use a hand sanitizer before you enter the food court or exit.

Safety #3

Stand in the least busy places at the airport before your flight and aim and keep at least six foot away from everyone and seek last to board the aircraft after the line’s condensed, because there are a couple of people waiting on board in a small room.

Safety #4

We recommend that you bring your own germicidal wipes and rub the high-touch surfaces, armrest, caterpillar and seats back. It’s also important to give the individual next to you one of those wipes.

Safety #5

The ventilation in the air blower is treated, enabling more than 99% of particles and bacteria to be contained in the room. Through letting the air out on you, you are forming an intangible air shield, which causes friction, while also trapping and pushing any droplets which may have viruses in them.

We, The Vayu India Aviation on the behalf of the Founder Mr Hrithik Saini recommend you to follow all the safety COVID 19 MEASURES mentioned above strictly. Also, keep sanitizing your hands and wear a mask covering your mouth and nose while going out. Maintain distance and avoid standing at a crowded place. We hope you’ll have a happy journey and you reach your desired destinations on time. Meanwhile to stay connected with us please click here to follow our social media handles. Don’t miss the best contents related to the Indian Aviation, IAF and ISRO on the official website of Vayu India Aviation during your journey. We’ll keep you entertaining with the best of the knowledge.
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