CH-47 Chinook Helicopter | Indian Air Force
CH-47 Chinook Helicopter | Indian Air Force

CH-47 Chinook Helicopter | Indian Air Force

The Chinook CH-47 is, nonetheless, a sophisticated multi-mission helicopter designed to provide the Indian Air Force with unrivalled strategic airlift capabilities through the full range of military missions and humanitarian operations. Therefore, the Chinook is capable of delivering high loads to high altitudes and is particularly suited for high Himalayan operations. Also, the aircraft has been evaluated in various harsh environments all over the world and has been seen to be capable of operating under various conditions that characterize the Indian subcontinent. In 2020, Boeing completed the delivery to the Indian Air Force of 15 CH-47 Chinook helicopters.

Also, Boeing India said in a statement that the four helicopters arrived on board by ship and were sent to Indian officials at the port of Mundra. In 2018, India signed the contract for the acquisition of 15 CH-47 chinook and 22 Apache attack helicopters, three years after the first decision was also made to buy these choppers, to the tune of 3 billion dollars (over 20.000 crores at the current exchange rate). The Boeing Chinook substitutes for the Russian-made medium-lift Mi-17, the Mi-26, and the Mi-35 attacking.

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Ch 47 Chinook Helicopter | IAF | Boeing

Advancements & Quick Facts of CH47 Chinook

  • Capable enough for doing various missions with a capacity of the heli-lift type of terrain.
  • A fully digital cockpit management system also with advanced cargo handling capabilities.
  • The Chinook is also a vertical lifting platform with several functions and its main task is the transportation of soldiers, artillery, supplies and gasoline.
  • Additionally, this tandem rotor helicopter will remain in the military float into the 2030s with the latest CH-47F/MH-47G modernisation programs.
  • Chinook is a chosen helicopter for humanitarian disaster relief activities, such as relief transport and mass evacuation of refugees.
  • Armed forces from 19 countries worldwide are served by CH-47 Chinooks.

Technical Specifications

Rotor Diameter18.29 m (60 ft)
Length with Rotors Operating30.14 m (98 ft, 10.7 in)
Fuselage15.46 m (50 ft, 9 in)
Height5.68 m (18 ft, 7.8 in)
Fuselage Width3.78 m (12 ft, 5 in)
Fuel Capacity3914 liters (1034 gallons)
Maximum Speed302 km/h (170 KTAS)
Cruise Speed291 km/h (157 KTAS)
Mission Radius200 nm (370.4km)
Service Ceiling6,096 m (20,000 ft)
Max Gross Weight22,680 kg (50,000 lbs)
Useful Load24,000 lbs (10,886 kg)

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Why is CH-47 Chinook important for IAF?

CH-47 Chinook helicopters have also filled the void in IAF’s heavy-lift helicopter capabilities, with a payload capacity of 10 tons and high altitude. Also, the IAF depended on its limited fleet of Russia’s Mi-26 helicopter before those helicopters landed. For operations in the Indian environment, machines built in the West or Russia have cruelly to meet the demands of 20,000 feet, in contrast to the average of 5000 to 10,000 ft in other parts of the globe and except 15,000 ft. There are extreme requirements for motors while flying at high altitudes and reduced payload, and last and foremost, the overall technological life is affected.

Helicopters have a primary role to play in carrying soldiers, artillery, supplies and gasoline. The Indian Army would therefore like to get the artillery arms from the US BAE Systems in the Himalayan Frontier Regions with China, recently procured from the M-777 Ultra-Light. These helicopters are of great assistance in the development, especially in the North East, of infrastructure and border road projects.

4 Important Facts to Know about CH-47 Chinook Helicopter

  1. The Chinook is henceforth, an innovative, mission-friendly helicopter design to assist Indians in disaster relief, medical evacuation, search and rescue, aircraft retrieval and parachuting operations.
  2. Each Chinook could transport up to 9,6 tons of goods and freight. Men and machines such as artillery guns and light-armoured vehicles may be used. Chinook is moreover suitable for Himalayan operations and is able to fly heavy cargo including building machinery on rough terrain.
  3. The Chinook also has a completely built-in digital cockpit management system, a popular aircraft architecture cockpit, and smart cargo management capacities.
  4. The first CH-47 Chinook for the Indian Air Force aircraft was operated in July 2018 and therefore, on February 10 at Mundra harbour in Gujarat, the Indian Air Force received the first heavy-lift Chinook helicopter.

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Moreover, this helicopter lives up to its expectations. Additionally, this is going to do work in times of crisis. It also has advanced features and extremely powerful cockpit management. Hope it adds feathers to the cap of IAF. Due to its modern feature. This also helps the trainees and officers to become more professional in their respective duties. Hope it brings peace and harmony. Therefore, the CH-47 Chinook is definitely providing the Indian Air Force with unmatched strategic airlift capability across the full spectrum of combat and humanitarian missions.

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