Army Aviation Corps | Indian Army
Army Aviation Corps | Indian Army

Army Aviation Corps | Indian Army

The Army Aviation Corps is an important part of the Indian Military. The foundation day of AAC set to be on 1 November 1986. The main aim is to give support to the military in terms of combat arms. The aviation corps formation ideas are generally from the old Air OP units. The major aim is to support field artillery. Its major goal is to observe missions and to investigate missions. On the other hand, The induction of Advanced Light Helicopter helps in enlarging the aviation corps remarkably.

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Role of Army Aviation Corps

The AAC was originally created when the Indian Air Force’s Army Air Wing in India began to rises in 1942 and the first Indian Air Observation Post was subsequently established in August 1947. Artillery spotters were mostly used by the Air Observation Post units – the components that aid artillery manages the fire and even provide ground forces with air assistance. The Air Observation Post also played a major role in the wars of 1965 and 1971, flying in close proximity to the enemy lines and helping to locate the ground.

AAC helicopters in all major war situations have since been an inseparable member of the battle group and a saving weapon in peacetime. Over the years, the Corp’s position and capacity have increased with the acquisition of new unit, facilities and ground assets. The Chairman of the Aviation Corps unveiled the Colours Colours to the Army at a ceremonial parade on the Nashik Road Air Force Base in October last year. On behalf of the Aviation Army Corps, the derivation of colours are from the Combat Army Air Training School.

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Army Aviation Corps Training

Applicants of the Army Aviation Corps receive their training at the CATS in Nashik. Previously, they had been trained at the Artillery School of Deolali. In order to minimize training and pilot risk, a Cheetah helicopter simulator was mounted at CATS. The simulator introduces students to snow, ice, various grounds, flying at night, emergencies and tactical exercises. In addition to night flight instruction in handling emergencies, tactical handling, flying machines and their various manoeuvrings, the simulator makes it easy for trainees to diverse weather environments including snow, fog, storm and other terrains.

AAC Aircrafts in Action

Role of AAC helicopters

The AAC helicopters play the major role of recognition, observation, evacuation of victims, critical load drops, fight search and rescue, which adds to the Army’s capacity as an invaluable air element. The AAC helicopters are helping in peacetime humanitarian relief and disaster relief activities (HADR). In some situations, helicopters of the army may also serve as AIC stations, substitute ground command stations if needed. AAC choppers have proven useful not only in their fighting role, in all types of weather and terrain, but also in saving many lives by medical evacuation flights. The Indian army further sharpened the AAC border by including the numerous operational Corps and command groups in dedicated aviation units.

Army Aviation Corps Decorations

  • Maha Vir Chakra: 2
  • Uttam Seva Medal
  • Vir Chakra: 16
  • Saurya Chakra: 11
  • Yudh Seva Medal: 5
  • Sena Medal: 54
  • Sena Medal Bar
  • Vayu Sena Medal: 8
  • Vishisht Seva Medal: 19
  • Mentions in Dispatches: 45
  • Chief of Army/Air Staff Commendation Cards: 154

How to apply for Army Aviation Corps?

First of all, you must get a recommendation by means of NDA or CDS. Then you become a lieutenant after your training and then if you are vacant then you get a chance, Then you’ll undergo pilot’s training and PABT test. It is a once in a lifetime test. If you clear the test then you can go to training and become an aviation corps in Indian army pilot. And these vacancies depend only on your merit. And you would also be in the scientific aviation industry if you serve in an engineering department. Therefore, all applicants at the Combat Arms Training School (CATS) in Nashik get their training.

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The AAC preparation has already been carried out at the Artillery School in Deolali. But it is now also done in Deolali in an independent Combat Air Training School. First, the trainees and the serving officers are only eligible for AAC. Also, cadets who are under training can apply. Moreover, their selection is based on merit and performance only. On the other hand, serving officers can apply for Indian aviation whenever there will be vacant seats.

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