Apache AH-64E | Indian Air Force
Apache AH-64E | Indian Air Force

Apache AH-64E | Indian Air Force

The Boeing Apache AH-64E is an American twin-turbo helicopter with a tailwheel configuration and a tandem cockpit for one pilot. Also, there is a sensor suite for night viewing and target acquisition systems with nose-mounted sensors. It is, therefore, equipped with a chain gun of 30 mm (1,18 in) M230 between the main landing gear, under a forward fuselage, and 4 fuselage buckles, usually AGM-114 Hellfire and Hydra 70 rocket caps, which are mounted on stub-wing pylons for the transport of armaments and stores. Also, in order to boost combat survivability, the AH-64 has substantial systems redundancy. In this blog, I will also tell you some major specifications of Apache Ah-64E helicopter in action with the Indian Air Force.

In addition, Boeing had completed its delivery of all the new AH-64E Apache and CH-47F(I) Chinook military helicopters to the Indian Air Force. These Apache attack helicopters were 22 in total. The Indian Ministry of Defense and also, Boeing had finalized this order as early as September 2015. Therefore, India became only the 16th country in the world to acquire the AH-64E Apache helicopters for its military.

Besides, the AH-64E Apache is currently inaction by the US Army and other international defence forces, it is also the most superior multi-role combat helicopter and it has even kept its position as the best attack helicopter in the world.


The Tata Boeing Aerospace Limited (TABL) is set up in Hyderabad. Moreover, it is a joint venture which was started in 2016, between Boeing and Tata Advanced Systems Limited for manufacturing fuselages for the AH-64E Apache. The TABL has been providing these fuselages since May 2018.

Surendra Ahuja, managing director of Boeing Defense India, has said, “With this delivery of military helicopters, we continue to nurture this partnership and are fully committed to working closely with India’s defence forces also to deliver the right value and capabilities to meet their operational needs”.


Apache AH-64E | Helicopter | Vayu India Aviation

Let’s discuss the advance technologies set up in this combat war machine. However, the AH-64E Apache has a built-in open systems architecture with the latest navigation, communications, sensor and weapons systems. It also has an advance Fire Control Radar which can even survive in the naval environment. The Modernisation Target Acquisition Designation System has also been improved, giving it weather information at the target and also night vision and navigation capabilities.

AH-64E Apache Technical Specifications

According to the data, AH-64E Apache has many variants. Moreover, in the table down below, I’ve discussed about the length, height, speed, VRC and many other things.

LengthMaximum Level Flight Speed
Height15.24 ft (4.64 m)
Wing Span17.15 ft (5.227 m)
Primary Mission Gross Weight15,075 lb (6,838 kg)
Vertical Rate of ClimbMore than 2,000 ft per minute
Maximum Rate of ClimbMore than 2,800 ft per minute
Maximum Level Flight SpeedMore than 150 knots (279 kilometers per hour)

India is one of 17 Apache nations with the latest version, the Apache AH-64E, which protect the US and many other countries as well. The Apache AH-64E has the latest contact, navigation, sensor and armament developments. It features an integrated modernised target acquisition designation system that offers information about the destination, night and all-weather, as well as night view navigation. Hitting the bars, it is also known as the backbone apache of the Indian Air Force airbase.
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