Aircrew Badges/Wings of Indian Air Force
Aircrew Badges/Wings of Indian Air Force

Aircrew Badges/Wings of Indian Air Force

The Indian air force official and airmen crews wear Aircrew badges usually also known as WINGs. Hence, this is an indication of the qualification badge for the staff who serve on the aircraft as crew member. They are a sign of their know-how in this area. Therefore, the patches on the left breast are typically worn by the aircrew. The wings must also be vertically over the left pocket of the breast for the pilots. For badges with half wings, the central letter on the middle of the letter above the left pocket of the breast is, therefore, seen in the letter.

Wearing of Wings

On the left chest, aircrew badges must be worn. Therefore, for the Pilot’s badge, it should be upright above the left chest pocket in the centre of the badge. In the case of insignia with half wings, the letter of the inscription also must be vertically placed on the centre of the letter above the left chest pocket. Hence, if there are no ribbons or bows worn, the end of the badge is over the top of the left pocket of the breast. The bottom of the badge should be 6 mm above the row or top row of ribbons while ribbons, decorations or medals have been worn. On the entire flight, the badge must still be worn.

Important Points

  • In case, there is no ribbon or decorations are put on, therefore, the badge’s bottom line must wear above the top of the left breast pocket.
  • While the uniform has ribbons or decorations, therefore, the bottom line of the badge must take place 6mm above the top row of ribbons.
  • The badge must wear on flying overall.

Types of Aircrew Badges


Aircrew badges of IAF | Pilot Wings

The badge consists of a full wing with an “IAF” monogram in the centre flanked by a laurel wreath and a State embodiment of IAF Pilot’s Badges, all stitched into cotton thread and placed on a dark, superfine, dark blue, woolly fabric 3,2 mm beyond the borders of the edge.


Aircrew badges of IAF | Navigator Wings

Indian Navigating Air Force Half-Wing; white, the browned wing with a dark felt; “N” in the midst of a brown wreath; the Indian emblem or Lion’s capital Ashoka (4 Asian Lions standing back on a circular scratch, a Law Wheel or Dharma Chakra in the middle of the scatter) is above “N”.


Indian Air Force’s half-wing Signaller; white, sliced wings of white felt; “S” of a brown wreath; the emblem of India or Ashoka’s Lion Capital (the “Law’s” Wheel of the Law and Dharma Chakra of the middle of the Abacus) surpasses the “S.”


Aircrew badges of IAF | Flight Engineer Wings

The half-wing of the Indian Air Force Flight Engineer, therefore, the black felt smooth-brown wing, “E” in a brown wreath and the Indian emblem, or the Lion’s Capital Ashoka (four Asian lions on a circulation back, the Law Wheel, or the Dharma Chakra represented at the centre), overlap “E.”


Half-wing of Indian Air Force Gunner, a white stuck wing with black felt, “G” with brown wreaths; 3 tigers overcome”G”.

Other Types of Badges


Aircrew badges of IAF | Parachute Jump Instructor Wings

Parachutist Indian Air Force’s half wing is a black feel white broached wing with brown wreathed open parachute canopy on India’s emblem. Also, Ashoka Lion Capital (four Asian lions standing back on the circular abacus, the Law Wheel, or Chakra Dharma represented in the abacus’ centre) surpass parachuting canopy. Here’s a parachutist’s half wing.


The badge is the same as the navigator badge except that the broken letter is FC. The badge is valid for Adm/FC officers.


Aircrew badges of IAF | Electronic System Operators Wings

The transcription is the same as the Navigator’s notation, except that the fragmented letter is “L.” The engraving is valid for AE (L) officers.


The badge is the soaring eagle clamping between its claws with a symbolic radar wave. It’s also embroidered with white silk thread and attached to a black superfine wool fabric that stretches beyond the brotherhood. A red silk thread is broken into your beak, eye, and legs of the flying eagle.


The emblem is made of the soaring eagle, which clamps in the claws a symbolic missile. Therefore, the flying eagle’s beak, eye and legs will be broken with a red silk cord.

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