Air India Express Flight 1344 | Indian Avionics
Air India Express Flight 1344 | Indian Avionics

Air India Express Flight 1344 | Indian Avionics

The year 2020 has bought critical situations all over the world which ruined the year. Pandemic, climate change, accidents weren’t enough that now this had to happen. One such incident happened recently which can make your blood run cold. Air India Express flight 1344 crashed, scheduled from Dubai, UAE, at landing on the Calicut international airport, Kozhikode, India. Due to high rain and change direction winds, the flight crew eventually made two attempts to land. Then on Road 10, it missed from the end of the bridge and collapsed into a 9-10.5 m river, killing 16 people and both pilots. The aircraft shot into the plane. The four flight staff and 168 travellers survived, with over 100 wounded.

The families of the missing, survivors, their friends and relatives remain with us. Our condolences continue to be. Air India Express Flight was functioning on the aircraft that was first flown on 15 Nov 2006 and had a tail border with a left-hand Indian Gate and right-hand Indian Gateway. The crew consisted of Captain Deepak Sathe, co-pilot Akhilesh Kumar; and four flight attendants. Sathe had landed at least 27 times, more than ten times in 2020, safely at Calicut airport. He had 10,000 hours of Boeing 737 flying training, 6,662 of them as a pilot. In our condolence, Uddhav Thackeray, Chief Minister of Maharashtra, declared honoured Sathe’s memorial service.

Air India Express Flight 1344 | Crash | VIA


The airport is one of the dangerous airports in India according to India’s DGCA. Calicut airport, which was called “Critical Airfield” by DGCA, can only be used for take-offs and landings by the captain (rather than the first officer). Under system flight rules, the airport is approved for use in all climate conditions, After all, pilots operating Calicut Airport flights (both day and night) should not have enough time to handle the dangerous conditions flying time.

A member of a safety advisor committee, Captain Mohan Ranganathan, of the ministry of civil aviation convey that it wasn’t safe. He suggested that airport should not allow Landing during the rainy weather as he observed that a downward-pitched tabletop runway with incomplete “buffer zones,” which refers to the safety of the final runway at both ends of the runway. It had only 90 m (300 ft) instead of the necessary safety surface (240 m). Company of Calicut Airport ignored so many warnings about Calicut Airport’s unsafe conditions. The airport of Calicut also lacked a system of court orders which could prevent an accident.

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The incident took place when, at seven o’clock heavy rain, IX 1344 attempted to land on the airport to a slip road 34 feet below. Rapid climate conditions at the time of final approach reduced the visibility to 2,000 m due to the monsoon and floods in Kerala. The pilot could not imagine the route and called for route 10 in the first landing attempt. The plane hit next to taxiway “C,” which is about 1000 m (3300 ft) beyond the runway threshold on the second try on 2,860 m (9380 ft) route 10. The aircraft was not in control previous to the end of the top-piste and divides the airframe into three sections at impact from 9–10,5 m (30–35 ft) into hills.

It was suggested the crew shut off the engines on landing, which may have saved lives by preventing a fire. According to a CISF officer, the aircraft did not slide into the gorge. It took off from the cliff and then collapsed. Like Mangaluru, there is a section road at Kozhikode airport, which has been constructed out of a hill. Runways at these hilltop airports offer the visual illusion that when a pilot arrives for a landing. It is on the same level as the plains below. Survivors convey to local news stations that several times the plane goes up and down before the landing. And after that, the plane led the runway, the disaster happened. The event recalled the crash on Mangaluru International Airport, Air India Express, on May 22 2010. Vayuindia will release further information as soon as it is available.

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