About Us

About Us

Thank you for visiting Vayu India Aviation or Founded by Mr Hrithik Saini and building its pillars since 2020 and beyond. It’s been great seeing you back again. Hope you loved the content of this website and appreciate it to read more new articles. Earlier Vayu India Aviation was SkyScan By UnpluggedCreators. There were some technical issues that are now recovered and SkyScan is back with its new identity that is Vayu India. The Number One aviation blogging website soon turning out to be one of the leading Indian Military Aviation pages.


The aim of this website is to provide the best of knowledge and information to all the viewers and readers visiting this site. The website contains all the latest articles and blogs related to The Indian Avionics, The Indian Air Force, and Aerospace i.e. Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO).
Vayu India Aviation also aims to be the leading industry in the aviation world to collaborate with ISRO and The Indian Air Force to design and mechanise the best air fleets and charters to increase the power of the country. Also, Vayu India Aviation aims to be one of the limited companies to hold a strong bond with the international and domestic airlines and soon to be a part of the air family.

Founder Speaks

Though, I’ve been watching planes and helicopters flying just right above my head since childhood. I was in 8th standard when a passenger plane of Vistara airlines flew above me and I just realised one thing, How this heavily, man-made thing designed in a shape of a bird can fly in the sky? That was the day when I aim to be an Aeronautical Engineer. Thinking of to design and mechanise the planes by myself. But as you say, there are problems in everybody’s life. I also faced some problem due to which I wasn’t able to study B.Tech in Aeronautics. But since, there was a goal of my life so I decided to create a website on aviation and share out all my knowledge of it on this platform. Now, since you would have read the above aim of the website I ensure this one comes true right here.
Thank you with all your support
Stay Healthy and Keep Flying High
Travel as you life
Fg. Off. Hrithik Saini
Founder of Vayu India Aviation

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