7 Things You Should Know Before Getting Into The Indian Air Force | Indian Defence Avionics
7 Things You Should Know Before Getting Into The Indian Air Force | Indian Defence Avionics

7 Things You Should Know Before Getting Into The Indian Air Force | Indian Defence Avionics

7 Things You Should Know Before Getting into The Indian Air Force 2021: Well, this is pretty simple. As we all know, many students are willing to join IAF as an airman or an engineer but most of them face the failures. Any of the facts of the Indian Air Force must be known below. This helps those involved in learning the IAF and defence aspirants. Structure, divisions, ranks, used aircraft and a lot more…

Motto of IAF

नभः स्पृशं दीप्तम्

In Chapter 11 of the Gita, the motto of Indian Air Force, hence, was taken from Lord Krishna’s speech to Arjuna about the Kurushetra battleground in the Great War of the Mahabharata. It clearly states that “Touch the sky with glory”.

Structure of IAF

IAF has a NEW DELHI headquarters.

IT has five Operating & 2 Commands for Training. The following are:

  • CAC: HQ Allahabad, UP Central Air Command (CAC)
  • Eastern Air Command: Shillong HQ, Meghalaya
  • HQ Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala Southern Air Headquarters.
  • SWAC: HQ Gandhinagar, Gujarat. Air Command South Western (SWAC).
  • Western Air Command: New Delhi Headquarters.
  • TC: HQ Bangalore, Karnataka Command
  • Maintenance Command (MC): Maintenance Command (HQ Nagpur)

Operational commands are the highest 5 while Teaching Commands are 6,7.


Special Force: GARUD

The Garud Commando Force is the Indian Air Force special force team. Garud was founded in September 2004 and now has over 1500 workforce. The unit comes from Garuda, a divine bird-like Hindu mythological form.

In peace and hostilities and crisis disaster relief during calamities, Garud defends bases, and infrastructure of the vital Air Force. GARUDs are currently operating as part of peacekeeping activities within the United Nations in Congo.

Training Academies of IAF

Numerous military academies have been set up by the Indian Armed Forces in India for training employees, such as NDA. Besides, there is a Training Command and other training centres for the Indian Air Force. The pilots receive training at Dundigul (located in Hyderabad) the Academy of the Air Force while technicians and other support staff receive training in various Field Training Colleges.

Some other training institutions at the IAF include the pilot training facility Allahabad, Coimbatore Air Force Administrative College, Bangalore Aerospace Medicine Institute, Jalahalli Air Force Technical College, Jalahalli AIR Tactics and the Gwalior Air Battle, and AG’s Paratrooper Trainings School.

Divisions in IAF


In comparison to the army, IAF is not made up of battalions, regiments, etc. There are multiple stations in each command. There are nine to seventeen bases or stations in every operational command, each commanded by an Air Commodore. In addition, a station has one wing and a squadron or two.

Wings are also broken stations. It consists essentially of two or three IAF squads and helicopter teams along with FBSUs. FBSUs provide or host no helicopter or squadrons, but function in regular operations as a transit airbase. They will become fully-fledged air bases in times of conflict, housing separate squadrons. Overall, the IAF contains roughly 47 wings and 19 FBSUs.

Types of aircraft used by IAF

Indian Air Force uses combat planes, transportation/cargo aircraft, helicopters, aircraft trainers and UAVs.

IFI uses Sukhoi Su-30-MKI, Mikoyan MiG-29 (also known as BAAZ), HAL Texas, SEPECAT Jaguar, MiG-27 and MiG-21 aircraft. Rafale is waiting a lot and now is in India. Hal Cheetah helicopters are in air by IAF HAL Dhruv, HAL Chetak, MI 8, MI 17.

TheIAF now uses the IAI Searcher II and the IAI Heron for the purposes of identification and tracking. The IAI Harpy functions as a UCAV equipped for radar attack systems. The UCAV is a UCAV. The DRDO Lakshya, which serves as the practical aerial towing target for live-fire training, is also fly by IAF.


Air Force Marshal is honorary and was once awarded to Arjan Singh. It’s a rank of five points.

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