15 Craziest Requests Passengers Have Made on Airplanes | Global Avionics
15 Craziest Requests Passengers Have Made on Airplanes | Global Avionics

15 Craziest Requests Passengers Have Made on Airplanes | Global Avionics

15 crazy requests people have made on an aeroplane: Questioning someone on an aeroplane would be fine because you might be travelling through it for the first time or maybe there must be some other query.  But we so far came to discover some idiotic request people made on an aeroplane which might be funny for you but weird and speechless for those who are asked in the aeroplane. The staff of the board said that they have seen people requesting crazy things and want them to be fulfilled. Questions like asking a beverage or extra blankets while flying would be acceptable.

But asking the pilot to let you hang out in the cockpit because it’s your birthday! It might be because they lack common sense or they may try to be funny. Here are some funny and crazy requests people made.


“ My head is paining, can you ask the pilot to turn off the engine? ”

One passenger was travelling for the first time and the sound of the engine a bit louder and so he requests the pilot to shut down the engine. Obviously the demand was denied and so he threatened the crew that he would file a report against the airport that he was not properly warned how loud the engines would be.

Crazy Request People Made On Airplanes | Vayu India Aviation

“My children are getting bored so  Is there anyone in the crew board that can do magic tricks?”

The flight crew on the board is for your security, not for you or your children’s entertainment purpose.

“Can we just fly us around? We really don’t want to go anywhere.”

A rich one can ask for anything and that’s a fact! So a rich couple asked this question while travelling. The couple drank lavish drinks, cooked delicious meals from their chef, and obtained manicures and pedicures for a few hours before returning to the airport from which they left and returning home.

 “Can I sit next to the pilot during the flight, please? It’s my birthday.”

Happy birthday dear but the answer is NO!

“Where’s the onboard cash machine?”

In certain unusual places, like at carnivals and concert events, you can find ATMs. But it’s almost guaranteed that, when cruising at 35,000 feet, you will never have access to your cash. Be sure that you visit the Bank and do all your stuff before riding any plane.


“I need you to tell me who I’m next to. I hate sitting beside strangers.”

For your kind information, if you are travelling alone or not sitting next to your known flight mate or the one with whom you are travelling will always be a stranger. And the Stranger won’t harm you that’s our guarantee. Said the boardcrew.

“I forgot something. Can you turn the plane around?”

The plane is not any normal vehicle running on roads. It is a huge plane and carries lots of loads on it and this person thought that it would be as easy as a bike to turn the plane around. Remember to check all your personal stuff before you get into the plane.

“Can you fly the plane lower? These clouds are blocking the Grand Canyon.”

Unfortunately, the commercial flights are for travelling, not for the sightseeing tours that you can ask the pilot to make the plane according to you. These developments might change the route to the way we travel. The pilot knows his/her work perfectly and no one needs his personal guidance.


“Can I use the rubber slide to get off the plane?”

Yes, you can definitely use it until there is an emergency. It’s for your safety not for your entertainment purpose. It’s not any slide in the park. In Fact, you should pray that those situations may not occur that you need to use the rubber slide to get out of the plane as soon as possible.

Cockpit | Vayu India Aviation

“Can I bring one of the world’s best poker players with me?”

For the poker contest for which he was heading out to Las Vegas, another JetSmarter client determines to train. He flew an unidentified world-renowned poker player with him from Europe to Las Vegas via private jet, and spent the whole flight training. Unfortunately, the spokesman for JetSmarter did not announce whether the customer won the contest.

“Please play only Liberace music the entire flight.”

In reality, one celebrity couple invited an opera singer to join them on a flight and sing for an hour with them. We certainly don’t believe these demands comply with the standards of aeroplane etiquette that an aeroplane passenger should obey.

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